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Week of September 20, 2010  
Student Office Announcements
Events and Seminars
Thesis Defense
Internships, Fellowships, and Job Opportunities
Special Programs and Other Announcements
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  The following announcements are as of September 17.
ChemE TG, September 10, 2010
ChemE TG, September 10, 2010
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Student Office
  Important Announcement to All Doctoral Students

 Events and Seminars
  September 20: Student Seminars in 66:110:
- 3 pm: Joel Abrahamson, "Energy Storage and Generation from Thermopower Waves"
- 3:30 pm: Rebecca Ladewski, "Electrostatic Assemblies of Virus-Templated Titania for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells"
- 4 pm: Michael Petr, "Responsive Liquid Crystal Polymer"
  September 20: AIChE students - P&G Information session in 66-110. [Details]
  September 20: ClearView Healthcare Partners Info Session: 8-9:30 p.m. in 56-114. [Details]
  September 21, 22, 27: Prehealth Events. [Details]
  September 21: Vecna information session in campus. [Details]
  September 21: ExxonMobil information session in campus. [Details]
  September 22: Hottel Lecture, "Energy Innovation at Scale " Steven E. Koonin, US Dept. of Energy, 2pm in 32-123.
  September 24: 3M breakfast meeting and networking opportunity. [Details]
  September 24: ChemE Seminar Series: Prof. Shaoyi Jiang, University of Washington, "Molecular Understanding, Design and Development of Ultra Low Fouling Zwitterionic-based Functional Materials" 3pm in 66-110
  September 27: Undergraduates: What does it mean to be a chemical engineer in the oil industry? Lunch and Learn. [Details]
  September 28: info session, Bristol-Myers Squibb - Manufacturing & Supply Chain Associates Program. [Details]
  September 30: Merck - Information Session for Engineers & Scientists. [Details]
  September 30: Life Technologies Information Session in 66-160. [Details]
  October 4: Samsung Electronics Info Session. [Details]
  Fall 2010 Bain & Co. Career Events in Campus. [Details]
  Fall 2010 Procter & Gamble Career Events. [Details]

Thesis Defense

Internships, Fellowships, and Job Opportunities
  September 20: Procter & Gamble Interviews for MIT PhD and Postdoctoral Engineers. [Details]
  October 1: Application deadline for HHMI International Student Research Fellowship. [Details]
  October 15: Application deadline - teach math to children in disadvantaged communities. [Details]
  October 15: Application deadline for the National Academies Christine Mirzayan Science & Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship Program. [Details]
  Consulting Club at MIT is currently recruiting new members to fill leadership positions within the club. [Details]
  Dept. of Aeronautics & Astronautics: Two research opportunities in materials and structures. [Details]
  GECD Career Services Workshops Pre -Career Fair Week. [Schedule]
  2011 SMART Scholarship: Application is now open. [Details]
  November 10: Application deadline for 2011 NSF EAPSI Fellowship Program. [Details]
  NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program - application now open. [Details]
More postings for full-time jobs, post-doctorial research, and other fellowship opportunities >>

Special Programs and Other Announcements
  Check out the deadline for Energy studies minor at MIT.
  September 30: Application deadline for 2011 Quadrant Award. [Details]
  October 8: Application deadline for the Energy Studies Minor. [Details]
  October 8: Deadline to propose a course for Tufts University's Share your world. Teach at Tufts. [Details]
  October 18: Application deadline for Luce Scholars Program. [Details]
  January 17: Application deadline for $400,000 Student Competition - CIMIT Prize for Primary Care [Details]
  The Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE:  Registration is open. [Details]

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