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Week of March 18, 2013  
Student Office Announcements  
Events and Seminars  
Thesis Defense
UROP Postings
Internships, Fellowships, and Job Opportunities
Special Programs and Other Announcements
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The following announcements are as of March 15.

Mardi Gras - 2013

Mardi Gras TG, 2/15/2013
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Student Office
DAFFODIL DAYS at MIT 2013 - Thank you for your Support; daffodils will be delivered on March 18. [Details]

Events and Seminars
March 18: Student Seminar, in 66-110 at 3:00 p.m.
   - Justin Kleingartner, "Exploring the Kinetics of Surface Reconstruction with Dynamic Tensiometry"
   - Aditya Kunjapur, "Development of a model pathway to study the effect of enzyme co-localization on pathway flux in vitro"
March 22: ChemE Seminar Series, in 66-110 at 3:00 p.m.
   - "Folding under pressure: Mechanical forces in development of native and engineered tissues", Celeste Nelson, Princeton University.
March 28: The Boston Consulting Group Spring ADC Presentation - employment opportunities. [RSVP]
New BioEnergy Lecture Series - [Details]
See ChemE calendar for more listing of events and seminars >>

Thesis Defense

Internships, Fellowships, and Job Opportunities
The Green Program: Undergraduate summer energy opportunity abroad. [Details]
Pfizer: Summer internship in biotherapeutic drug development - Cambridge, MA. [Details]
FDA: Pathways Internship Announcements. [Details]
Bristol-Myers-Squibb, NJ: Summer internship to work on tablet compression. Contact: Carl Allenspach
Graduate Community Fellows - Accepting applications for three positions. [Details]
Epic: Job opportunities are available, apply now. [Details]
Intel Corporation seeking PhD candidates & recent PhD graduates. [Details]
Partner with Nestlé Purina: Sign up and also enter sweepstakes to win $1500! [Details]
March 22: Application due for REU on Nanotechnology at University of Houston. [Details]
March 31: Application due for Summer Internship at Pfizer R&D, Groton, CT. [Details]
March 31: Application due for Shell Incentive Fund Scholarship for under-represented undergrads. [Details]
March 31: Application due for International Summer School Paris-Saclay. [Details]
April 2: Application due for 28th Annual Hampton University Graduate Studies (HUGS). [Details]
April 4: Application due for Poitras Pre-doctoral Fellowship [Details]
April 15: Application due for Undergraduate Summer Workshop in International Security. [Details]
New Brazil Fellowship Program for MIT PhD Studies. [Details]
Postings for full-time jobs, post-doctorial research, and other fellowship opportunities >>

Special Programs and Other Announcements
MIT Professional Education: Short programs offered this summer by ChemE faculty. [Details]
University College London: Postgraduate Opportunities in Biochemical Engineering. [Details]
March 29: Application due for Firefly Frontiers Grant. [Details]
April 1: Abstracts due for International Graduate Symposium on Energy Research (9/2013) [Details]
Registration is now open for for AACR Poster Competition for Undergrad Students. [Details]
Now - October: ACS Webinars for Aspiring Science Entrepreneurs. [Details]

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