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Week of November 5, 2012  
Student Office Announcements  
Events and Seminars  
Thesis Defense
Internships, Fellowships, and Job Opportunities
Special Programs and Other Announcements
Student News Archive

The following announcements are as of November 2.

William and Kate

Stay tuned for more halloween photos.

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Student Office
Are you a soon-to-graduate PhD candidate? The School of Engineering is hosting a site to help promote the resumes of our graduate students. Submit yours at

Events and Seminars
November 5-8: Graduate Women at MIT (GWAMIT) Fall Leadership Conference. RSVP Required. [Details]
November 6: Total/Energy Club Reception Invitation - Internship Opportunities for Students. [Details]
November 6, 7, & 14: Events and workshops for prehealth students. [Details]
November 8: Special Seminar, Graphene Mechanical Wonders, J. Scott Bunch, Univ. of Colorado, 1:00pm, 66-110.
November 9: ChemE Seminar Series: "Life's little mysteries: molecular-level modeling of living systems", Andrew J. Spakowitz, Stanford University, 3:00 p.m., 66-110
November 15: MIT’s Center for Biomedical Innovation’s 5th Annual Biomanufacturing (BioMAN) Summit. [Details]
Career Services Events at MIT. [Details]
See ChemE calendar for more listing of events and seminars >>

Thesis Defense
  November 13: Matthew Stuber (Barton Group), "Evaluation of Process Systems Operating Envelopes" 9:00am, 66-360.

Internships, Fellowships, and Job Opportunities
November 14 & 19: Applications due for the new Ford Fellowship Programs for 2013. [Details]
November 15: Application deadline for SUTD-MIT Graduate Fellows Program. [Details]
November 19: Application due for the Presidential Management Fellowship program. [Details]
December 14: Application due for Thermo Scientific Pierce Scholarship Program. [Details]
December 15: Application due, SCI Scholars: Industrial Internships for ChemE Undergrads. [Details]
December 20: Application due for L'Oréal USA Fellowships for Women In Science. [Details]
December 31: Application due for Summer Program on Engineering and Public Policy (WISE program). [Details]
January 9: Application due for 2013 KSTF Teaching Fellowships. [Details]
January 10: Application due for 2013 Switzer Fellowships. [Details]
January 15: Post-Bachelor Fellowship opportunity at IHME. [Details]
January 31: Application due for Elings Prize Postdoctoral Fellowships. [Details]
February 15: Application due for REU on Biofuels and Bioproducts at Auburn University. [Details]
Committee on Race and Diversity Grants Program. [Apply now]
Latest list of companies for Internships and full time opportunities. [Details]
Postings for full-time jobs, post-doctorial research, and other fellowship opportunities >>

Special Programs and Other Announcements
November 9: Abstract due for NASCRE-3 Event on March 2013. [Details]
November 21: Application due for Tau Beta Pi Fellowship Grants. [Details]
November 30: $30,000 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize: calling on inventive students at MIT! [Details]
NC State University: Check out the master's degree program in biotherapeutic manufacturing. [Details]
Green: Renewable Energy Program in Costa Rica. [Details]

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