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Arup K. Chakraborty
Selected Publications

"Effects of thymic selection of the T-cell repertoire on HLA class I-associated control of HIV infection", Nature (2010)

"Statistical mechanical concepts in immunology", Ann. Rev. Phys. Chem. (2010)

"Seeing in numbers", Scientist (2010)

"Pairing computational with experimentation: a powerful coupling for understanding T cell signaling", Nature Reviews Immunology (2010)

"Digital signaling and hysteresis characterize ras activation in lymphoid cells", Cell (2009)

"Efficient stochastic simulation of reaction-diffusion via direct compilation", Bioinformatics (2009)

"Thymic selection of T cell receptors as an extreme value problem", Phys Rev Lett (2009)

"How the thymus designs antigen-specific and self-tolerant T cell receptor sequences", PNAS (2008)

“The stimulatory potency of T cell antigens is influenced by the formation of the immunological synapse”, Immunity (2007).

“CD4 Coordinates Lck Accumulation in the Immunological Synapse: Implications for the Sensitivity of T Cells to Antigen”, Nature Immunology (2004)

“The Immunological Synapse Balances T Cell Receptor Signaling and Degradation”, Science (2003)

"Synaptic pattern formation during cellular recognition", PNAS (2001)

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