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Faculty List

Department Head: Klavs F. Jensen

Executive Officer: William H. Green

Undergraduate Officer: Barry S. Johnston

Graduate Officer: Patrick S. Doyle

Graduate Admissions Officer: Richard D. Braatz

Postdoctoral Officer: Karen K. Gleason

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  Daniel G. Anderson

Daniel G. Anderson, Samuel A. Goldblith Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering and Health Sciences & Technology
Research Area: biomaterials and drug delivery systems

  Robert C. Armstrong

Robert C. Armstrong, Chevron Professor
- Research Interests: polymer molecular theory, polymer fluid mechanics, rheology multiscale process modeling, transport phenomena, applied mathematics
- Research Group Website

  János M. Béer

János M. Béer, Professor Emeritus of Chemical and Fuels Engineering
- Research Interests: clean fossil energy electric power generation, turbulent combustion of gaseous, liquid and solid fuels, and reduction of pollutant emission from flames

  Paul I. Barton

Paul I. Barton, Lammot du Pont Professor of Chemical Engineering
- Research Interests: dynamic modeling, simulation and optimization, hybrid and embedded systems, mixed-integer and global optimization theory and algorithms, design and operation of micro-scale chemical processes, systems biology, energy systems engineering
- Research Group Website

  Martin Z. Bazant

Martin Z. Bazant, Professor
- Research Interests: transport phenomena in microfluidics and electrochemical systems
energy storage, water purification and lab-on-a-chip technology, nonlinear electrokinetics
super-hydrophobic surfaces and super-capacitors, fuel cells and rechargeable batteries
- Research Group Website

  Daniel Blankschtein

Daniel Blankschtein, Professor
- Research Interests: colloid and interface science, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics of structured fluids, controlled delivery of active ingredients in pharmaceuticals and consumer products, biological and environmental separations, surfactant-induced skin irritation
- Research Group Website

  Richard D. Braatz

Richard D. Braatz, Edwin R. Gilliland Professor of Chemical Engineering
- Research Interests: systems and control theory, materials and pharmaceuticals manufacturing, systems nanotechnology, applied mathematics
- Research Group Website

  Fikile R. Brushett

Fikile R. Brushett, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
- Research Interests: electrochemical energy conversion and storage, microfluidics, interfacial phenomena, catalyst synthesis, and tomography
- Research Group Website

  Arup K. Chakraborty

Arup K. Chakraborty, Robert T. Haslam Professor of Chemical Engineering, Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Biological Engineering
- Research Interests: cell-cell recognition in immunology, T cell biology, polymers and membranes, statistical mechanics
- Research Group Website

  Robert E. Cohen

Robert E. Cohen, St. Laurent Professor, Co-director, DuPont-MIT Alliance, Chair, Ph.D.CEP Steering Committee
- Research Interests: physics and chemistry of polymers, polymer surfaces/interfaces, structure-property relationships
- Research Group Website

  Clark K. Colton

Clark K. Colton, Professor
- Research Interests: biomedical engineering, biochemical engineering, mass transfer


  Charles L. Cooney

Charles L. Cooney, Robert T. Haslam Professor of Chemical Engineering
- Research Interests: biochemical engineering
- Research Group Website

  William M. Deen

William M. Deen, Professor Emeritus
- Research Interests: bioengineering, transport phenomena, membrane separations
- Research Group Website

  Patrick S. Doyle

Patrick S. Doyle, Singapore Research Professor of Chemical Engineering
- Research Interests: microfluidics, complex fluids, polymer physics, rheology and transport phenomena
- Research Group Website

  Karen K. Gleason

Karen K. Gleason, Alexander and I. Michael Kasser Professor of Chemical Engineering
- Research Interests: chemical vapor deposition, nuclear magnetic resonance
- Research Group Website

  William H. Green

William H. Green, Hoyt C. Hottel Professor
- Research Interests: chemical kinetics, molecular simulation, free radical reactions
- Research Group Website

  Paula T. Hammond

Paula T. Hammond, Bayer Professor of Chemical Engineering, Executive Officer
- Research Interests: macromolecular design and synthesis, directed assembly using surface templates, nanoscale design of biomaterials, block copolymers, asymmetric morphologies, liquid crystalline polymeric materials
- Research Group Website

  T. Alan Hatton

T. Alan Hatton, Ralph Landau Professor, Director, David H. Koch School of Chemical Engineering Practice
- Research Interests: transport phenomena, separation processes, microemulsions,and colloids
- Research Group Website

  Klavs F. Jensen

Klavs F. Jensen, Department Head, Warren K. Lewis Professor of Chemical Engineering, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
- Research Interests: microsystems for chemical and biological applications, materials synthesis and processing, multiscale simulation of reactive processes
- Research Group Website

  Marcus Karel

Marcus Karel, Professor Emeritus
- Research Interests: physical chemistry of foods, controlled release of active ingredients in foods and pharmaceuticals, cryopreservation, food engineering

  Jesse H. Kroll

Jesse H. Kroll, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering
- Research Interests: atmospheric chemistry, particulate matter, organic oxidation processes, and chemical kinetics

  Robert S. Langer

Robert S. Langer, David H. Koch Institute Professor
- Research Interests: drug delivery, biomaterials, tissue engineering, biotechnology, immobilized enzymes, biomedical engineering
- Research Group Website

  Douglas A. Lauffenburger

Douglas A. Lauffenburger, Professor of Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering, Co-Director, Division of Bioengineering & Environmental Health
- Research Interests: cell, tissue, and biomolecular engineering, computational modeling of biological and physiological systems
- Research Group Website

  J. Christopher Love

J. Christopher Love, Associate Professor - Latham Family Career Development Professor
- Research Interests: micro/nanofabrication and surface chemistries, cellular immunology and infectious diseases, immunotherapy/ vaccines, clinical diagnostics
- Research Group Website

  Gregory J. McRae

Gregory J. McRae, Professor Emeritus
- Research Interests: atmospheric processes responsible for oxidant formation, acid deposition and global climate, particulate dynamics, chemical transport and transformations in multimedia environments environmental science and engineering, process modeling
- Research Group Website

  Edward W. Merrill

Edward W. Merrill, Professor Emeritus
- Research Interests: polymer synthesis, polymer physical chemistry, biomedical engineering
biomaterials, conservation and preservation of works of art

  Allan S. Myerson

Allan S. Myerson, Professor of the Practice
- Research Interests: crystallization from solution with an emphasis on nucleation, polymorphism, and industrial applications of crystallization
- Research Group Website

  Bradley D. Olsen

Bradley D. Olsen, Assistant Professor
- Research Interests: block copolymers, soft condensed matter physics, protein-based materials, bioelectronics
- Research Group Website

  Kristala Jones Prather

Kristala Jones Prather, Associate Professor
- Research Interests: metabolic engineering, biochemical engineering, bioprocess engineering, synthetic biology
- Research Group Website

  Yuriy Román

Yuriy Román, Texaco-Mangelsdorf Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
- Research Interests: heterogeneous catalysis, design of catalytic materials, and energy (biomass conversion, biofuels, CO2 utilization)
- Research Group Website

  Gregory Rutledge

Gregory Rutledge, Lammot du Pont Professor
- Research Interests: polymer science and engineering, statistical thermodynamics, molecular simulation
- Research Group Website

  Herbert H. Sawin

Herbert H. Sawin, Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
- Research Interests: directional plasma etching, dry wafer cleaning, kinetics, surface science
process modeling
- Research Group Website

  Hadley Sikes

Hadley Sikes, Joseph R. Mares Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
- Research Interests: biomolecular engineering, applications of redox chemistry, clinical diagnostics, molecular biotechnology
- Research Group Website

  Kenneth A. Smith

Kenneth A. Smith, Professor Emeritus
- Research Interests: fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer


  George Stephanopoulos

George Stephanopoulos, Arthur D. Little Professor of Chemical Engineering
- Research Interests: nanoscale process systems engineering, multiresolution modeling and design of materials and processes, multiscale process operations and control


  Gregory Stephanopoulos

Gregory Stephanopoulos, Professor
- Research Interests: metabolic and biochemical engineering, biotechnology, bioinformatics
- Research Group Website

  Michael S. Strano

Michael S. Strano, Professor
- Research Interests: transport in nanopores, thermopower waves for energy generation, exciton engineering for solar energy, nanosensors for reaction network analysis
- Research Group Website

  Jefferson W. Tester

Jefferson W. Tester, Professor Emeritus
- Research Interests: environmental remediation and control technology, chemical processes in supercritical fluids, technologies for renewable and geothermal energy systems, gas hydrates in natural environments
- Research Group Website

  William A. Tisdale

William A. Tisdale, Assistant Professor
- Research Interests: solar energy, nanotechnology, charge & energy transfer in nanomaterials, ultrafast spectroscopy, spectroscopic imaging, surface science
- Research Website

  Bernhardt L. Trout

Bernhardt L. Trout, Professor, Director, Novartis-MIT Center for Continuous Manufacturing,Co-Chair, Singapore-MIT Alliance, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering
- Research Interests: pharmaceutical manufacturing, stabilization and formulation of biopharmaceuticals, nucleation and crystallization
- Research Group Website

  Preetinder S. Virk

Preetinder S. Virk, Associate Professor
- Research Interests: turbulent drag reduction, graph-theoretic modeling of hydrocarbon pyrolysis pathways, mechanistic investigation of high-transfer hydrogen transfer pathways

  Daniel I.C. Wang

Daniel I.C. Wang, Institute Professor
- Research Interests: bioreactor engineering, production of recombinant proteins, bioprocess monitoring and control, glycoprotein quality, protein stabilization

  K. Dane Wittrup

K. Dane Wittrup, Carbon P. Dubbs Professor of Chemical Engineering & Bioengineering
- Research Interests: molecular bioengineering, protein engineering, therapeutic protein, biotechnology
- Research Group Website