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"ChemE was a very engaging and inspiring environment. The students were talented and high-energy, and there were always people around looking to explore challenging — but ultimately very rewarding — directions, including entrepreneurship. Through ChemE, I basically got to create my career."



Chris Loose Ph.D. '07

When I was in ChemE my research area was antimicrobial design and materials development. I had a strong interest in applying engineering disciplines to solve medical problems. After proof-of-concept work and an initial review of clinical and business opportunities, it became clear that preventing medical device complications was a large and approachable problem with the technology we were developing. Professors Bob Langer and Gregory Stephanopoulos both encouraged me to try to solve important problems, and gave me the space and support I needed to explore many avenues.

Ultimately, this project led to a start-up company called Semprus BioSciences, for which I serve as chief technology officer. We have 10 full-time employees in a lab in Kendall Square. The original work was very cross-disciplinary, requiring the researchers to learn a good deal about unfamiliar fields, and today I continue to work closely with a talented team of scientists and engineers, including fellow Course 10 colleagues Shannan O'Shaughnessy, Michael Hencke, and Joel Moxley.

My ChemE education provided me with a great set of diverse skills that enabled me to get to this point. Exposure to chemistry and biology with a quantitative and analytical rigor proved very useful in creating design solutions to clinical problems. I'm very grateful for the academic and research opportunities I had, and the collegiality and teamwork that made the work both fun and exciting.