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Anita Shukla

"I really enjoyed being a ChemE Ph.D. student at MIT. The work is hard but it's very satisfying and there are great mentors here. One day, I hope to become a professor of chemical engineering at a major research university."


Anita Shukla Ph.D. '11

I'm fortunate in that I knew pretty early on what I wanted to do and where I wanted to do it. Even while an undergrad at Carnegie Mellon, I knew that I wanted to conduct biomedical-related research someday. I also understood that chemical engineering was an discipline where the skills I obtained through my coursework could easily be applied to that area of research. And, of course, MIT is world-renowned for its excellent engineering programs.

Even so, when I got here I was surprised by how close-knit the student body is. ChemE students are always looking out for each other and helping their fellow classmates in any way they can. The chemical engineering department is a wonderful community and the faculty and staff care tremendously for their students. Of course, it helps that my husband is also a graduate student at MIT; I like the fact that we are both going through the MIT experience together, and we can have a life outside of our graduate work as well. There are a lot of great things to do and see in Boston and Cambridge.

My research deals with delivery of therapeutics from polymeric degradable thin films. Specifically, I'm focused on creating a wound-healing device for the Army that would rapidly deliver hemostatic agents to control bleeding, followed by a more gradual release of antimicrobials and tissue repair and regeneration agents. It's a very exciting project and there's an abundance of resources for me to work with.