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Research Areas

The range of research projects and initiatives at ChemE is remarkable for its sheer breadth and depth. Though there are hundreds of individual research projects going on at any one time, they all fall into at least one of nine research areas. These areas represent key domains in which chemical engineers can apply their skills and knowledge, with the goal of achieving and advancing innovative breakthroughs that have the potential to make a significant impact on our world.

Thermodynamics and Molecular Computation

Thermodynamics governs processes as diverse as chemical production, bioreaction, creation more >>

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering

A chemical reaction occurs between two small molecules. Understanding more >>

Systems Design and Engineering

Process design is an imaginative activity, an artful blend of intuition and analysis. Design is aided by more >>


Transport Processes

Transport processes govern the rates at which velocity, temperature, and composition more >>

Biological Engineering

Thermodynamics, transport, and chemical kinetics are useful for exploring biological systems as more >>


The inorganic compounds found in nature are the basis for new materials made by modifying more >>



Polymers are versatile because their properties are so wide-ranging. The versatility more >>

Surfaces and Structures

The surfaces of solids offer a platform for a range of functional coatings that take different forms more >>

Energy and Environmental Engineering

Making energy available to society requires finding and producing fuel more >>