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AIChE Officers Elections

Meet the MIT AIChE Executive Board 2016-2017
Feel free to contact the board with questions at and stay tuned for updates and events.


In September, elections are held for the sophomore class representative. In March and April, elections are held for the remaining officers for the next academic year. An email is sent to all chemical engineering students announcing elections and requesting interested students to send in a statement, or e-speech, identifying themselves, explaining why they are running for office, and what makes them a good candidate for the position. Statements are then forwarded to students via email. Short speeches are usually given at a study break a few days before elections.

As core chemical engineering classes are offered at the same time of day, elections are held after class. For instance, during sophomore class representative elections, held in September, the professor of a sophomore chemical engineering class (10.213) will usually end class early and announce that AIChE will be holding elections. An AIChE officer will then distribute ballots, and students will vote.

Elections in March or April are held in a similar way. There will be two voting sessions, one after a sophomore class (10.301) and one after a junior class (10.37 or 10.32).

Officer Duties
Officer's role centers around a specific directive, as follows:

Membership Development

- Study Breaks
- Everything You Need To Know About Course X (How to use the PC cluster, getting advice from upperclassmen, etc.)
- Company Tours
- Student/Faculty Lunch
- Survey

Course X Interests

- Student/Faculty Committee
- Student/Faculty Lunches
- Dinners with Advisors
- PC Cluster
- Constitution

Professional Development

- Industrial Seminars
- Graduate School Preparation
- Career Preparation (internships, job offers, etc.)


- Contact Information
- Membership
- Conferences
- Spring Regional Conference
- National Preparation

Course X Curriculum

Please feel free to contact officers directly to inquire about participating in any of the directives listed above.

AIChE Event Approval

Please fill out the event approval form (pdf)

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