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UROP Postings

The Department routinely receives notices of UROP opportunities and lists them here as a service to members of the MIT community. The positions have not been screened, nor verified to be available. Nor are they endorsed by the Department.

For more information, visit MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).

Chinese-language Fluent UROP Position
Sloan School of Management

Project Title: A Big Data Approach for Addressing Non-traditional Adulteration of Food and Drug Products Emanating from the Global Supply Chain
Faculty Supervisor: Prof. Karen Zheng

For more details, see announcement

           Posted: 5/12/14

Summer 2014 UROP with MIT Media Lab CityFARM

Project Title: CityFARM : Advanced Urban Agricultural Systems Design
Faculty Advisor: Kent Larson
Project Advisor: Caleb Harper

For more details, see announcement

           Posted: 5/12/14

Summer UROP opportunity for an interdisciplinary project across science and design (paid or for credit)

We are looking for a paid UROP role, ideally with adequate wet lab experience (especially for material science), to work on a bacterial spore (Bacillus subtilis) related project. Since the spores expand and contract based on the relative humidity level, we can use the spore as a humidity responsive micro actuator. By applying them to thin elastic surfaces, the surfaces become transformable. UROP with the knowledge of material surface/chemical modification and functionalization is preferred. 

This is a collaborative project between Chemical Engineering and Media Lab, incorporating both science and art aspects. The prospect UROP will work in a biosafety level 1 lab over Chemical Engineering department. Through this UROP work, you could learn how to work with an interdisciplinary research project, including the bacteria surface/gene modification with the concept of synthetic biology and tangible texture design.

For more details contact: Lining (Lizzie) Yao,

           Posted: 5/7/14