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UROP Postings

The Department routinely receives notices of UROP opportunities and lists them here as a service to members of the MIT community. The positions have not been screened, nor verified to be available. Nor are they endorsed by the Department.

For more information, visit MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).


Posted: January 8, 2016

UROP Position
Faculty Advisor: Clark Colton, Department of Chemical Engineering

Description: A new size measurement method for use with nanoparticles has recently been developed.  A MATLAB script has been written to perform several key functions of data analysis and presentation.  While workable, this script requires some additional development to improve, for example, the input protocols and the quality of its output plots, and to add some features to the analysis. This project will require gaining familiarity with the measurement system and its data processing requirements and improving parts of the script and writing new parts. Skill in writing MATLAB programs is essential, and familiarity with alternate software for data presentation is desirable.

This position is for pay or credit.

Contact: Prof. Clark K. Colton ( Room 66-448, x3-4585

Posted: September 30, 2015

Project Title: Probing Impedance Behavior at Lithium-Separator Interfaces during Battery Cycling
Faculty Supervisor: Prof. Fikile Brushett, Department of Chemical Engineering

Lithium metal anode has been the ‘Holy Grail’ of electrochemical engineering due to its tremendous potential in developing electrochemical storage devices with high power density and high energy density. However, further advances in the science and engineering of lithium metal anode are needed to fully realize this potential. This project aims to develop novel charged battery separators to stabilize the lithium metal anode during plating/stripping processes. Accelerating these processes will enable higher power, greater efficiency, and lower cost. We are seeking a dedicated, creative, and highly-motivated undergraduate student to join our research team. In this project, the student will collaborate closely with a postdoctoral mentor to prepare charged separators/membranes for impedance measurement. In the process, the student will gain hands-on experience in electrochemical engineering and material science.

Prerequisites: Though not required, prior experience in a research laboratory is preferred. Applicants should be prepared to investigate at least 8-10 hrs a week.

Start date: Fall semester with a possibility to extend beyond.

Contact: Miao Wang ( and cc Prof. Brushett ( Applicants should include a current resume/CV.

Posted: September 14, 2015