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UROP Postings

The Department routinely receives notices of UROP opportunities and lists them here as a service to members of the MIT community. The positions have not been screened, nor verified to be available. Nor are they endorsed by the Department.

For more information, visit MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).

UROP opportunities beginning August, 2015
Stephanopoulos Lab
MIT, Department of Chemical Engineering
Building 56-439
25 Ames Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

1) Engineering Thiobacillus denitrificans for production of bio-based chemicals. T. denitrificans is a sulfur-oxidizing chemolithoautroph in which we are interested for the potential to fix carbon dioxide into value-added chemicals. T. denitrificans is a biosafety level 1 bacteria which the student will learn to cultivate using standard microbiology techniques. Most of the day to day will involve media preparation, culturing, sampling, chromatography, and data analysis. There is potential for some cloning work in E. coli if the student is interested. T. denitrificans has a doubling time of 7 hours, so the student will likely be involved in the setup or workup, rather than the monitoring. We prefer the student is available for at least 2 hour blocks on consecutive days for this work.

2) Engineering E. coli for biofuel production from cellulosic sugars. This is a long-standing project in our lab, and we are always interested in UROP student involvement. There will be a lot more cloning in this project, so the student should be available for at least 3 - 5 hour blocks from Monday - Friday.

Contact: Jason King (

Posted: June 12, 2015