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Chemical approaches to the study of cell signaling

Welcome to our lab, located on the 4th floor of Building 18 in the Chemistry Department at MIT. Our research is centered on the development and application of technologies for uncovering molecular signaling events in living cells. In the past, we have developed methods for labeling specific proteins in living cells with chemical probes, imaged protein-protein interactions, imaged the activity of specific enzymes, and developed small and monovalent quantum dots for single protein imaging in live cells. Current work expands and extends these reporter classes using in vitro evolution methods and computational design. Furthermore, we are applying our enzyme engineering and organic synthesis capabilities to develop new methods for the proteomic analysis of living cells. To learn more...

Alice Y. Ting
Ellen Swallow Richards Professor
Department of Chemistry
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Other affiliations:
Broad Institute, Koch Institute, MIT Biophysics, Picower Institute

New postdoc Mateo Sanchez Lopez joins the lab (4-20-2015)

Former graduate student Peng Zou to begin as assistant professor at Peking University this summer (4-1-2015)

Kayvon receives the NSF graduate research fellowship (3-31-2015)

Stephanie's paper "Directed evolution of APEX2 for electron microscopy and proximity labeling" appears in Nature Methods (11-24-2014)

New graduate student Shuo Han joins the lab (11-13-2014)

Dan's paper "Computational design of a red fluorophore ligase for site-specific protein labeling in living cells" appears in PNAS (10-13-2014)

Vicky's paper on APEX-mediated mapping of the mitochondrial intermembrane space proteome appears in Molecular Cell (7-3-2014)

Ozan selected for Charles A. King Trust postdoctoral fellowship (6-21-2014)

Former graduate student Sarah Slavoff to begin as assistant professor at Yale this summer (5-12-2014)

Monica receives Peter J. Eloranta Research Fellowship (5-8-2014)

APEX mapping method featured in NIH Director's blog (4-1-2014)