Group Highlights

March, 2017: Felix Strieth-Kalthoff departs to return to the University of Muenster to complete his M.Sc. Good luck, Felix!


February, 2017: Dr. Jon Jaworski (Ph.D. with Prof. Shannon Stahl) joins the group as a postdoc. Welcome, Jon!


February, 2017: Drs. Justin Lummiss Peter Morse, and Rachel Beingessner's review on enhanced reaction efficiency in continuous flow hits the Chemical Record. Congrats, Justin, Pete, & Rachel!

February, 2017: Drs. Anne-Catherine Bédard, Ashley Longstreet, Joshua Britton, Hideki Moriguchi, and Rob Hicklin's manuscript describing the minimizing E-factor in continuous-flow syntheses hits Bioorg. Med. Chem. Congrats, everyone!

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