Group Highlights

  • Selective N-Monomethylation of Anilines with Dimethyl Carbonate in Continuous Flow.

    Congratulations to Hyowon, Ann-Cat and Rob on their latest work in the development a flow method for the selective mono-methylation of anilines.

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  • Synthesis and Utilization of Nitroalkyne Equivalents in Batch and Continuous Flow.

    Congratulations to Dr. Peter Morse on his latest work in the development a method that utilizes of nitrated vinyl silyltriflate as nitroalkyne equivalents to synthesize highly substituted isoxazolines.

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  • Direct β-Selective Hydrocarboxylation of Styrenes with CO2 Enabled by Continuous Flow Photoredox Catalysis.

    Congratulations to Hyowon Seo and Aofei Liu on their latest work in the direct hydrocarboxylation of styrenes.

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  • Congratulations Ashley!

    Former post-doc Dr. Ashley R. Longstreet starts her independent career at the University of Tampa, Florida!

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  • Millipmore Sigma Bader Award

    Dr. Andy McTeague has won the Millipmore Sigma Bader Award. Congraulations Andy!

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  • Flow-IEG enables programmable thermodynamic properties in sequence-defined unimolecular macromolecules

    Amanda and Frank's work on the 2nd gen. flow-IEG synthesis has come out in Polymer Chemistry.

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