The Jamison Research Group


Frank Leibfarth

  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2013 - present
Postdoctoral Associate with Professor Timothy F. Jamison
Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara 2013
“Ketenes in Polymer Science: An Emerging Methodology for Applications in Materials Chemistry”
with Prof. Craig J. Hawker
B.Sc. University of South Dakota, 2008 (Chemistry and Physics)

Current Research:

    Automated chemical processes, such as DNA sequencing and nucleic acid and peptide synthesis, have transformed the fields of genetics and biotechnology. There is no analogous automated  process, however, to provide unimolecular, sequence-defined synthetic polymers to those interested in studying them. We aim to remove this limitation through the development of a semi-automated polymer synthesis machine that combines advances in continuous flow chemistry and polymer synthesis. 

    We have achieved the synthesis of sequence and architecturally defined, unimolecular macromolecules through a novel marriage of multi-step flow synthesis and iterative exponential growth, termed “Flow-IEG”. The Flow-IEG system performs three reactions and an in-line purification in 10 minutes, doubling the molecular weight of an oligomeric species in an uninterrupted reaction sequence with unprecedented speed and efficiency. Subsequent iterations through the Flow-IEG system enable an exponential increase in molecular weight, providing rapid access to unimolecular polymers. Introduction of monomers with alternate structures and/or branching units to the Flow-IEG system provides control over both polymer sequence and architecture. Employing this system, the synthesis of a unimolecular, sequence-defined macromolecule with a molecular weight of 4,023 g/mol has been achieved. The user-friendly nature, scalability, and modularity of Flow-IEG provide a general strategy for the semi-automated synthesis of sequence-defined, unimolecular macromolecules for a broad range of applications in biotechnology and materials science.

    For more information about Frank and his current and future research, please visit his website:

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