Other Resources for Support at MIT



Mediation@MIT is a completely voluntary and confidential process that helps two or more people in conflict clarify their issues and goals, communicate about the situation, and try to reach a constructive resolution.  The mediators are peers--members of the MIT community trained as neutral facilitators to help the parties in a conflict to work together on the issues that are important to them.  Mediators do not make decisions about who is right or wrong or how things should be resolved--all decisions are made by the parties.  Mediation is separate from any formal disciplinary process, so no one gets in trouble, it is private and confidential, it is flexible and can help you reach creative solutions, and it works! In 70-80% of cases, people reach some resolution through mediation. Mediated agreements work because both parties have designed them and committed to them.
Web site: http://web.mit.edu/mediation/www/mediation.html
 Phone: (617) 253-7848

The MIT Ombuds Office serves as a neutral, confidential, independent and informal resource to the diverse MIT community - they are a resource for faculty, staff, students, and post-docs. The office helps to surface very serious concerns, resolve disputes, manage conflict, and educate individuals in more productive ways of communicating. The Office advocates for a fair conflict management system and supports systemic changes to achieve this goal.
Web site: http://web.mit.edu/ombud/index.html
Phone: (617) 253-5921

MIT Mental Health is available to anyone in the MIT community with problems, questions, or concerns. The service provides evaluations, brief treatment (both psychotherapy and psychopharmacology), referrals, urgent care, and consultations.
Their psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, psychologists, and clinical social workers help individuals, couples, groups, and families with such a broad spectrum of issues.  See their web site for much more information.
Web site: http://web.mit.edu/medical/services/s-mentalhealth.html
Phone: (617) 253-2916