Chemistry REFS
Resources for Easing Friction and Stress


To provide the chemistry graduate student body with a resource to help diffuse, if not resolve, problems, conflicts, and concerns.

Design of Membership
 February 2001: 4 mediators
 February 2002 (and on):  8-12 mediators
Ideally, each of the years, from second year on, shall be represented by 2 members of the program.  The program will also aim to represent minorities, women and men, and people from all four divisions of chemistry.

Commitment of New Members

 Before becoming a member of the program, each interested individual must:
i) have a written “approval of participation” by that individual's advisor
ii) have at least 10 signatures from graduate students indicating the signer’s support of the interested individual's will to participate in the program
iii) have a meeting with the existing members of the program to discuss his/her interest in, and reasons for wanting to join, the program
iv) be approved for a position in the program by the faculty mediators of the chemistry department
v) go through the basic training in mediation at MIT (or have equivalent certification)

Roles of Committed Members

 Each member of the graduate student mediator program must:
i) equally share in the responsibilities of the program
ii) be available to any student in chemistry to address their concerns
iii) participate in regular meetings with the rest of the student mediators to discuss/evaluate the status, direction, responsibility and up-coming functions of the program
iv) be responsive to the will of the program as a whole
v) yield to situations beyond the call and/or capacity of student mediation
vi) agree to maintain confidentiality, within the bounds legally mandated by MIT

Termination of Existing Members

A member of the program who wishes to no longer participate may do so.  Faculty mediators, or the department head in consultation with the faculty mediators, have the authority to dismiss a student mediator.
Student mediators in no case have the authority to dismiss a student mediator, but they may address such concerns with the faculty mediators to be handled by the faculty mediators.

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