MIT Women's Volleyball Club Schedule: 2003-04

Previous tournaments: 2002-03

Fall 2003
Date Level Location We in? Sign-ups Results
9/28 B St. John's Gym yes Alice, Bri, Charlotte, Darcy, Kelly, Lauren, Lijin, Melinda Pool play: 3-3 against Dirty Half Dozen, No Worries, Team Solgar

Semis: beat Dirty Half Dozen (25-19, 25-27, 15-13)

Finals: lost to Power Play (25-13, 25-19)

10/25 C+ MIT we ran Alice, Betty, Chia, Christina, Kelly, Lauren, Melinda, Sue-Ann

Pool play: 5-3 against Team Purrfect, Team Solgar, Dig These Strikes Back, Volleyhos

Playoff to advance: beat Team Solgar (25-15)

Semis: lost to Fire in the Hole (25-23)

10/25 B MIT we ran Alisa, AmyM, AmyS, Bri, Darcy, Jessica, Lijin, Zim

Pool play: 6-3 against Spam, No Worries, Twizzlers Black

Semis: beat Sugar Canes (25-16, 25-16)

Finals: beat Spam (25-16, 25-14)

11/1 B- LSHS yes Chia, Kelly, Kendall, Lijin, Tomoko +? Pool play: did not break pool
11/9 C+ PMC yes Alice, Cara, Chia, Kelly, Lijin, Melinda, Tomoko Pool play: 4-4 against Twizzlers, Team Purrrfect, DKM Volleyball, Volleyholics; did not break pool
11/15 C+ SDVC yes Jessica, Kelly, Lauren, Melinda, Paola, Tomoko Pool play: 2-8, did not break pool
11/15 A CCRIL yes AmyS, Bri, Chia, Darcy, Lijin, Zim [Christina + Cara hurt - picked up Ann]
Pool play: 0-6, did not break pool
11/23 C+ END yes Alice, Bri, Chia, Kelly, Lauren, Melinda, Nicola Pool play: 3-5, did not break pool
12/6 B- JWU yes Bri, Charlotte, Chia, Christina, Darcy, Lijin, Zim Rescheduled to January 25 due to snow storm.
12/13 A (RP) MIT yes Alisa, AmyS, Bri, Cara, Darcy, Jessica, Lijin, Zim [AmyM hurt] Pool play: 2-6, did not break pool; took 1 game from Creole, 1 game from Set Me (finished 4 out of 5)
12/20 B JWU yes

AmyS, Chia, Christina, Darcy, Hannah, Lijin, Wendy, [AmyM hurt, no Cara or Zim]

Pool play: 3-5, did not break pool
1/3 B SDVC yes AmyS, Betty, Bri, Chia, Darcy, Lijin, Zim Pool play: 5-4 against No Worries, Dirty 1/2-Dozen, Rally Smackdown

Semis: lost to Tsunami (27-25, 21-25, 13-15)


Spring 2004
Date Level Location We in? Sign-ups Results
1/17 B- WNA yes (L)

Bri, Chia, Lauren, Christina, Darcy, Kelly
[Melinda, Lijin not taken]

Pool play: 3-5 against Volleyholics, The Spot, Mass Express; did not break pool
1/25 B- JWU cancelled b/c not enough people (L) Alisa, Cara, Chia?, Christina?, Darcy, Kelly  
1/31 B- LSHS yes (D) Bri, Chia, Christina, Darcy, Kelly, Lijin, Melinda
[not taken: Betty?]
Pool play: 2-6 against Volleyholics, No Worries, Double Secret Probation, The Spot; did not break pool
2/7 B LSHS no, on waitlist (D) Bri, Charlotte, Chia, Christina, Darcy, Jess?, Kelly?, Lijin, Priscilla  
2/15 B JWU cancelled, not enough people(L) AmyM, Darcy, Jess, Kelly?, Lijin?, Priscilla, Zim?  
2/21 B WNA no, on waitlist; cancelled anyway since will play next day (L) AmyS, Betty? Bri, AmyM, Charlotte, Chia, Darcy, Jess?, Kelly?, Lijin, Zim  
2/22 B- WNA yes (L) Alisa, Charlotte, Darcy, Kali, Lijin, Priscilla, Zim
[AmyM, Betty?, Chia?, Kelly not taken; AmyS was sick]

Pool play: 4-2 against Set Me Beth, Attitudes, Dig This (our two losses were 26-28, 24-26)

Quarters: beat MishMash (25-18?, 25-?)

Semis: beat Cocoa Puffs (25-?)

Finals: beat Double Secret Probation (25-?, 25-?)

2/28 C+ (AF) SDVC no, 2nd on waitlist (Z) AmyS, Betty?, Charlotte, Chia, Darcy, Kelly, Lijin, Zim  


Charlotte, Chia, Christina, Darcy, Jen, Lijin, Zim
[No Bri, Darcy, Betty?, Kelly? Priscilla not taken; AmyM dropped, AmyS sick]

Pool play: 4-5 against Tsunami, Blockbusters + Solgar

Semis: lost to Blockbusters (25-13, 25-23)

3/7 B CCRIL yes (L)

AmyS, Betty, Chia, Christina, Jen, Kali, Lijin
[Cara, Charlotte, Darcy, Kelly? Zim not taken; AmyM, Jess dropped]

Pool play: 2-6 against Solgar, Fire in the Hole, Volleyholics, Fighting Gravity; did not break pool
3/13 C+ WNA yes (L) WAVE tourney: Bri, Charlotte, Kelly, Joanna Yu, Meg Hendry-
Brogan and Nicola Rinaldi
3/27 A/AA (BP) MIT we can Alisa, AmyM, Betty?, Cara, Chia, Christina, Lijin?, Priscilla, Kendall?  
3/28 B- ECSU cancelled, will be playing the day before? (L) AmyM, Betty?, Cara?, Kelly, Lijin?, Kendall  
4/3  B- MIT yes

AmyS, Bri, Cara, Charlotte, Christina, Kelly, Melinda, Priscilla
[not taken: Kendall?]

Pool play: 5-3 against Mass Express, Get a Wife + 2 Fullspeed teams

Semis: beat Fullspeed Shirin (25-14, 25-18)

Finals: lost to Mass Express (25-23, 27-25)

4/3  C MIT yes

WAVE tourney

4/4 B WH yes (L) but dropped out of AmyM, AmyS, Betty?, Cara, Charlotte, Christina, Darcy, Jess?, Kelly?, Lijin, Zim
Action: Need setter
4/10 C+ (AF) SDVC no, 1st on waitlist (Z) - Z will withdraw us AmyS, Betty?, Charlotte, Chia, Darcy, Jess?, Kelly, Kendall, Lijin, Kali
Action: T will ask WAVE
4/10 B- LSHS yes (D) Darcy, Zim, AmyM, Sarah (setter), Lora, Chrystel
[not taken: Betty?, Chia, Christina?, Jess?, Kelly, Lijin; AmyS, Cara, Charlotte, Kendall dropped]

Pool play: 5-3 against Mass Express, Tsunami, Hit Me, Volleyhos

Semis: lost to No Worries (25-?, 25-?)

4/17 C+ FK yes (Z) Betty?, Chia?, Kelly
WAVE tourney
4/24 B- WNA yes (L)

New Hotness: Alisa, AmyM, Bri, Jess, Lijin, Jess Lee, Priscilla
[not taken: AmyS, Betty?, Cara?, Chia, Christina?, Darcy, Kendall, Kali]

4/25 B JWU yes (L)

Old + Busted: AmyS, Betty, Chia, Darcy, HeatherM, Kali, WendyP
[not taken: Cara, Christina?, Jess? Lijin, Kendall, P, Moka]

5/1 triples MIT yes, we are helping run Find a team and play!  
5/8 BB (rgnls) JWU yes x 2 (D)

New Hotness: Alisa, AmyM, Bri, Jess, Lijin, Melinda, Priscilla, Zim

Old + Busted: AmyS, Betty, Chia, Darcy, HeatherM, Kali, Karen, Wendy

[not taken: Cara?, Charlotte, Christina, Kelly?, Kendall]


B (rgnls)

LSHS yes (D)

Kali, Cara, AmyM, Francis [not taken: AmyS, Darcy?, Kelly?, Lijin, Zim; Betty, Charlotte, Christina, Kendall, dropped]
Action: Francis is organizing team

5/22 A/AA FORE yes (Z)

Jen, Darcy, Lijin, Zim, Kali, Priscilla, Alisa
[not taken: Kendall, AmyM, no Bri or Betty; AmyS, Cara, Christina dropped]