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Today in Chorallaries News...

Come audition for The Chorallaries of MIT, MIT's oldest co-ed a cappella group. Auditions will be held in the fall during orientation. You can sign up for a slot at the Activities Midway!

Here are some important dates to look out for!
  • Convocation: 8/25/14 @ 11 am
  • Activites Midway: 8/29/14 @ 1 pm
  • Auditions: 8/29/14-8/31/14 (If you're doing recruitment, come on 8/29/14)
Each audition is short (about 7 minutes) and includes a few warm-ups and other exercises followed by a solo of your choice that you sing for us! This is where you really get to strut your stuff, so pick a song that really shows off your voice! (the solo is the only part of the audition that needs to be prepared in advance).

We look forward to seeing you at orientation!

Get funky with the Chorallaries of MIT at our Spring Concert titled Electro, Sophista, Funky. Also join us as we sing out our seniors:

  • Alex Mentzelopoulos
  • Varsha Raghavan
  • Emily Wean

Friday, 8pm, 10-250, FREE!!!

Congratulations to our fantastic 2014 newbie class:
  • Nick Benson '16
  • Alecia Maragh '15
  • Kevin Tian '16

Welcome to our choral-family! You guys are awesome!

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