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Come audition for The Chorallaries of MIT, MIT's oldest co-ed a cappella group. Auditions will be held in the fall during orientation.

Each audition is short (about 7 minutes) and includes a few warm-ups and other exercises followed by a solo of your choice that you sing for us! This is where you really get to strut your stuff, so pick a song that really shows off your voice! (the solo is the only part of the audition that needs to be prepared in advance). The solo doesn’t need to be long or complicated. Just pick a short segment of a song, any song. the Star Spangled Banner, U2, Enya, Mary had a Little Lamb, anything! As long as you think it shows off everything you’ve got to give to the ever-ready ears of the MIT community.

We look forward to seeing you at orientation!

Hey prefrosh!!! We hope you're all having an awesome time at CPW.

Come check the Chorallaries out at the following events:

  • Spring Greater Boston Invitational Songfest (SGBIS), 10-250 Friday 6pm-8pm
  • Chorallaries Workshop, Building 4 (Near Lobby 10) Saturday 11am-1:30pm
  • CPW Closing Variety Show, Kresge Auditorium Saturday 6pm-8pm
Don't forget to check us out at the CPW Midway too!
Congratulations to our fantastic 2014 newbie class:
  • Nick Benson '16
  • Alecia Maragh '15
  • Kevin Tian '16

Welcome to our choral-family! You guys are awesome!
Hey there!

We hope you're getting excited for the start of the school year! We're all getting pumped to start regularly rehearsing and performing again, and, of course, to meet this year's newbie class!

The Chorallaries of MIT will be holding our fall auditions cycle THIS WEEKEND! Preliminary auditions will be held on Friday, August 30 from 5:00-8:00pm and Saturday, August 31 from 9:00am-5:00pm. After our first round of auditions, we'll invite a select group of our auditionees back for callbacks. We hold two callback sessions: one Saturday evening and another Sunday afternoon. We'll ask the ladies going through sorority recruitment to come in on Saturday evening so our callback won't conflict with any sororities' events.

To answer some of the questions you might have:

How do I sign up for an auditions?
It's easy! Just stop by our booth at the Activities Midway this Friday from 2:30-4:30pm in the Johnson Ice Rink. You'll be able to pick a 10-minute slot that fits your schedule, and we'll send you an email later to confirm your audition time.

How do auditions work? Do I need to bring or prepare anything?
We'll start your audition off by having you sing a few short warmups and other exercises. All we ask you to prepare in advance is a short solo (about a minute long, or just a verse and a chorus). You can pick absolutely any song--whatever you know will best show off your voice!

What happens at callbacks?
Now you've shown us you can hold your own as a soloist, we want to hear what you'll sound like in a group setting. You'll get to meet the group, sing some of our repertoire with us, and see what a regular rehearsal is like. This gives us an opportunity to get to know you better, and hopefully gives you a sense of what it's like to be a Chorallary! We've often heard that our callback sessions are much more fun than they are nerve-wracking, and believe us, they're a ton of fun for us too!

Are auditions scary?
Not at all! We can't wait to meet this year's batch of auditionees, so when you walk into the audition room, don't forget that we're rooting for you too!

I'm not a freshman. Can I still audition?
Of course! Over the years many Chorallaries have joined the group after their freshman year. Just make sure you stop by the Activities Midway to sign up for an audition.

There are so many other cool things to get involved in at MIT. What?s so special about the Chorallaries?
To us, the Chorallaries is so much more than just another extracurricular. We?re a family. We see each other regularly for rehearsals and gigs, but we also eat together, study together, and hang out all the time. Some of us even live together. We love to sing--in rehearsal, at gigs, walking back down the Infinite at the end of rehearsal, in random public places, anywhere--so it?s a good thing we get so many opportunities to perform! We regularly perform at all kinds of amazing events and venues and meet tons of amazing people in the process. We?ve been around for a while (since 1977!) so we have a wide variety of fun traditions as well an enthusiastic alumni base that continues to support and remain involved with the group even years after they?ve graduated. MIT is a busy place, so you won?t be left with much time to do things that aren?t all that important to you. But we?re all still here because we love to sing, spend time with our ChoralFamily, and constantly work to improve as a group. So come check us out! We?ve all made some of our closest friends at MIT in the Chorallaries--you may too.

Enjoy the rest of your week and feel free to email choral-auditions@mit.edu with any questions you might have. We can't wait to meet you!

-The Chorallaries of MIT

For more information, see the Auditions page.

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