About us

We are the chorallaries

We are MIT’s first mixed-voice a cappella group! We perform in the Boston/Cambridge area, tour the country, and go on retreat in Vermont (when we aren't in the middle of a pandemic that is). We also perform at the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) competition. We focus on sound, musicality and performance, and we have a great time singing together!

We have an FAQ page that may answer some questions. If you have further questions about auditions or want to learn more about the group email


Year: 2026
Voice Part: Baritone
Position: Archivist


Year: 2023
Voice Part: Baritone


Year: 2026
Voice Part: Mezzo
Position: Business Manager, Social Chair


Year: 2025
Voice Part: Bass
Position: Music Director, Publicity Chair, & Tour Chair


Year: 2024
Voice Part: Bass
Position: Study Abroad


Year: 2025
Voice Part: Soprano


Year: 2026
Voice Part: Baritone
Position: Webmaster, Recording Chair


Year: 2025
Voice Part: Alto
Position: Secretary, Publicity Chair


Year: 2025
Voice Part: Tenor
Position: Treasurer, Recording Chair, & Tour Chair


Year: 2026
Voice Part: Soprano
Position: Assistant Music Director


Year: 2025
Voice Part: Tenor
Position: President, Choreography Chair

Booking Information

The Chorallaries of MIT have performed at a variety of events, including:

  • Institute events
  • A cappella workshops
  • Charity dinners
  • Holiday parties
  • Business meetings
  • Birthday bashes
  • More!

We discuss performance opportunities at our twice-weekly rehearsals, so we would appreciate you giving us a few days to respond!

Performance prices are dependent on the nature of the gig, so please give us as much detail about the event as possible.

Book us for your event!


We've been recording music since 1981. Check out our albums on any major music provider.

We're also in the process of digitizing all of our older albums that are currently on vinyl. Stay tuned for vintage Chorallaries.