I have been an avid origami folder for many years, folding from Montroll's Origami for the Enthusiast and Animal Origami for the Enthusiast since early elementary school until mid high-school, when I became distracted by other things. It wasn't until 2004 when Robert Lang came to MIT to describe Origami Design Secrets, that I began folding seriously again, and just in time for the MIT competition. Since then I have attended OUSA Conventions and was invited to the 2006 JOAS Convention. Through these conventions, I have been lucky enough to speak with the big 'legends' of origami whose designs I had memorized as a child.

As an artist, I am particularly drawn to Origami because it adds the extra challenge of folding from a square (and I like challenges, sometimes) and incorporates a lot of geometry, which was my more favored sector of mathematics. Upon arriving at my first OUSA (2005) I was happy to find that the majority of the Origami community is friendly and very willing to teach. I hope that through the years, I will be able to make positive contributions as well, (and not become too cranky).



-I usually try to stay away from modulars. I just feel like it takes away from the kind of challenge I'm focusing on. However I admit I have seen a lot of cool modulars and composites.

-While I think there are a lot of cool money folds, I almost never fold money because 1) it's pretty dirty most of the time 2)I'm cheap and want to spend the money instead, and I doubt a cashier would happily accept a dollar fold and 3)money is small. I might be willing to fold a dollar bill, if dollars were a meter square.

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