Allomyrina dichotoma (Samurai Helmet Beetle) V.2

folded from an uncut square of Origamido paper.
designed by Brian Chan
August 2006



When my brother and I visited the Meiji shrine in Tokyo, we found one of these crawling around in the park. Even though I've kept them as pets, it was still pretty surprising to find one roaming free. The wild one was much larger. On a tree and in hand.

This time I used diagonal symmetry to design Allomyrina dichotoma. The body of the Lang-modified version is better than V2, but the legs and head of this version are better than V1. The legs are longer, so they can be shaped into a more 3D stance, and there is enough paper to make round eyes, which are pretty cute on the real beetles. The antennae are made from edge points now, so they can be folded much thinner.

I will release CPs of both beetles when I draw them.

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