Frog - Gecko/Lizard - Salamander

folded from an uncut square (each)
designed by Brian Chan
September 2005



Gecko (and fly on the wall...)

Lizard (green anole)


I've grouped all of these reptiles/amphibians onto the same page because they all use variations of the same base. Although the animals are very similar to the newt, the base is completely different, it uses book symmetry instead of diagonal. I found that large arrowhead-type molecules can accommodate the many toes of an animal like this- a different way to add toes than a simple strip graft. By changing the reference points, one can tune the lengths of the leg, body and tail. Changing the number of toes is also easily done. The facial features of the frog are possible because of the extra paper in the head; I used the four-point split on the head flap.

Following the advice of Jason Ku, I'm trying to clean up my crease patterns so I dont have to mark many difficult reference points. These designs are pretty clean. There are only a few steps from the 'thinned base' of the salamander to the finished model.

Crease Pattern

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