Hermit crab 1.1

folded from an uncut square
designed by Brian Chan
May. 2005



This hermit crab was folded for the yearly Origami USA informal challenge, where some of the 'insect wars' designers decide on a creature to design and fold to exhibit at the yearly convention. This being my first Origami USA trip, this is my first time trying the challenge. I heard about this year's through Jason Ku.

The base is box pleated, leaving more paper for the left claw, as hermit crabs have one claw larger than the other. For the shell I left a large flap touching the edge of the paper. After folding the base, I pulled the layers over the back of the 'shell' flap and formed it into a shell by pleating, crumbling and tweaking. This first attempt left a rather rough shell, which is ok if we imagine this hermit crab couldn't find any better home on the ocean floor.

Folded from a square of mottled swirl-pattern art paper laminated onto gouache-painted tissue paper, treated with methyl cellulose.

Crease Pattern

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