folded from an uncut square
designed by Brian Chan
August, 2006



When I was in elementary school, I remember trying to catch these large grasshoppers. They were very difficult to spot, since their grey bodies were nearly invisible upon the pavement. The only way to find them was to wander around until I startled one into flying away. Then I would sneak up on it and throw my coat over it like a net. Needless to say, my parents were not too pleased with me coming home with a dirty jacket all the time.

This locust is designed in a completely different way than the Flying Grasshopper (see previous model). After seeing Michael laFosse's elegant mantis, I was inspired to create a grasshopper making some simplifications to the hind legs and the wing case. It is important to remember that we need only to isolate the essence of what we are trying to depict, and that adding extraneous details can be an unnecessary distraction.



Crease Pattern

to be released

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