Scutigera coleoptrataV.2

House Centipede
"Centipede varileg" V.2
designed by Brian Chan
December 2006



This and "mens et manus 2" are the most time-consuming models I have created. Since creating my first Scutigera model, I've wanted to redo it. The challenge is not creating a workable cp, but creating one that is foldable, and having the patience to fold it well. This final one is a good solution, as its main structure is based on dividing the corner into 7ths (Referencefinder is useful for this). Afterwards, every other reference is easily found without a ruler. The 'rivers' can be made by using just the thickness of the paper, or can be "inserted" between concentric sets of legs.

Overall, the foldability, proportions, and execution of this version are a lot better. I would delete my old models from the list, but on second thought, they are good for learning. If you want to try folding this from CP, I recommend spending only a few hours every day for about two or three weeks, so that you don't get impatient and fold sloppy.

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