folded from an uncut square
designed by Brian Chan
September 2006



The mantis shrimp is a difficult origami subject, owing to the irregular lengths and separations of the appendages. I probably will not be diagramming this one soon.

While researching images for the stomatopod, I found a lot of interesting facts. Did you know?

-Certain species are have claws that are so powerful they can punch through 1/4" aquarium glass, or split your hand to the bone?
-Other species are capable of flourescing or sending signals by polarized, reflected light.
-It follows that their eyes are considered THE most complex eyes in the animal kingdom. Each eye is capable of its own binocular vision, and has 8 different visual pigments (humans have 3, if I remember correctly)
-Certain species can reach up to 40 cm long. These are monogamous and can live more than 20 years.

Click here for a video of the stomatopod in action:
mantispunch.wmv (800KB)

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