Christopher E. Carr, Sc.D.

Research Scientist


Copahue 2013

We previously carried out an expedition to Volcan Copahue (photos) and, funded by NASA, will be returning in January 2013 to continue studying the organisms that live at low pH, some of which make their living eating rock and extracting carbon from the air.

Volcán Copahue is an active volcano with acid hot springs that leach metals from iron ores and harbor extremophiles.

What we will do?

  1. Test technologies for future life detection on Mars

  2. Sequence RNA/DNA

  3. Geochemical measurements

  4. Enable “virtual exploration” similar to Google Street View

Learn more

  1. Volcan Copahue: Wikipedia

  2. NASA Astrobiology Program

  3. Abstract on sequencing Volcán Copahue, from the Mars Habitability Conference (2011) in PDF.