Hinrich Mercker

International Leadership

Concise Project Description

The purpose of Hinrich’s fellowship is:

• to design and contribute to the implementation of international leadership programs such as the Climate Leadership Program (2009-2011) as a pilot program for

- bringing together professional expertise from the north and the south on the issues of climate protection and adaptation to climate change,

- creating networking possibilities for 60 leaders from emerging powers (China, India, Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa),

- applying and teaching innovative leadership tools inspired by Otto Scharmer's Theory U (www.theoryu.com) to facilitate the development of innovative solutions confronting climate change.

The leadership programs will include the development of prototypes on different aspects of climate change relevant to each participant's institution/organization. Prototype realization should take place in small trisectoral working groups.

• to co-create with international participants of leadership programs a leadership concept as an attitude and approach to create innovative solutions and answers to today's and future challenges

• to co-create, test and refine reflection methods and perception techniques using presencing social technology in the context of the above mentioned leadership programs

• to reflect on, study and document key learnings and relate them to other CoLab programs like the Green Hub

At the culmination of his Fellowship, Hinrich will produce a synthesis of his learning to be shared with other fellows, MIT, and the larger social justice community.