Emerging Leaders Innovate Across Systems (ELIAS)

Leaders in institutions around the world face unprecedented economic, social, ecological, and political challenges locally and globally. These challenges are multiplying in number and growing in complexity; leaders must develop innovative tools to confront them. In doing so, they can create opportunities to reinvent business models and identities, transform social change protocols, and work more collaboratively with governments.

ELIAS, "Emerging Leaders Innovate Across Sectors," is a global cross-sector network of high-potential leaders and their institutions working collectively to generate ideas, prototypes, and ventures for sustainability. ELIAS seeks to contribute to the evolution of sustainable global market systems that build human, social, and natural capital as well as financial and industrial capital. CoLab, along with the Presencing Institute, the Society for Organizational Learning, and the MIT Leadership Center, in collaboration with Sloan Executive Education, are launching the second year of the program.

ELIAS is a six--month leadership journey with concrete outcomes:

  • Prototypes and prototype ideas for cross-sector innovation that address the shared challenges of creating value for the triple bottom line—the economy, society, and the environment—with the ultimate goal of advancing global sustainability.
  • Membership in a steadily growing network of leaders in the public, private, and civic sectors that will enhance and accelerate the benefits to individual participants.
  • A growing capacity among participating organizations to develop strategic solutions to sustainability challenges that span the three sectors.
  • Pragmatic information and ideas for innovative solutions to individual members’ challenges.
  • An enhanced capacity among leaders to respond to the challenges of globalization and sustainable development by pioneering practical innovations.
    Co-founders of ELIAS include, BASF, BP, Nissan, Oxfam Great Britain, the UN Global Compact, Unilever, the World Bank Institute, and the World Wildlife Fund.


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