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Dr. Ceasar McDowell

Ceasar L. McDowell is an Associate Professor of the Practice of Community Development at MIT and Director of MIT's Center for Reflective Community Practice. He holds an Ed.D. from Harvard University. His research and teaching interests include the use of mass media in promoting democracy, the education of urban students, the organizing of urban communities, civil rights history, peacemaking and conflict resolution, as well as testing and test policy. He also serves as chairperson of The Algebra Project, was co-founder of The Civil Rights Forum, and served as Senior Researcher for the National Commission on Testing and Public Policy. In addition, Dr. McDowell has extensive experience in the area of public engagement, and the design and conduct of civic conversations that create opportunities for individuals from minority and poor communities to be included in a cross-generational and cross-racial public discourse.

Dr. McDowell has served as an advisor to several national foundations, developed programs for public discourse and conflict resolution among educators from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Betsy Campbell

Leveraging a background in the fine arts and high-tech, Betsy Campbell's current work examines exchanges between experts and non-experts, particularly the perception of participation and the role of artful media in the widespread acceptance of scientific and technological advances. Since receiving a Masters degree from Harvard, her innovation experience has included founding two high-tech companies and selling one. She also has advised and assisted organizations such as the California Historical Society, the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the Educational Development Center's Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics library. Campbell is a frequent presenter on the themes of team transformation and resilience, the architecture of ancient Israel, and the history of expeditions since the invention of the camera.