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2009 CIS Summer Study Grant Awardees
Funded by the MIT-Japan International Studies Fund


Greg Distelhorst
Political Science
"Linking Up or Chained Down? Labor Law and Globalization in China."
Erica Dobbs
Political Science
"Organizing Citizenship: Old Institutions and New Immigrants in the EU."  
Keren Fraiman
Political Science
"Three to Tango: Coercion and Violent Non-State Actors."  
Xaq Frohlich
Science, Technology, & Society
"Labeling Health and Standardizing Food Informaiton in a Global Economy."  
Jason Jackson
Urban Studies & Planning
"The Political Economy of Indian Institutional Reforms: Foreign Direct Investment, Business-government Relations & Industrial Upgrading."  
Yumin Joo
Urban Studies & Planning
"Different Levels of States, Citizens, and Market Actors in Decentralizing Urban Governance: the Rezoning Cases of Two South Korean Cities."  
Stephanie Kaplan
Political Science
"Afghanistan: The University of Jihad."  
Cynthia Kinnan
"Do Savings Crowd Out Informal Insurance?"  

Peter Krause
Political Science


"The Political Effectiveness of Terrorism."  
Topher McDougal
Urban Studies & Planning
"Production and Predation: How Supply Chains Affect the Balance."  
Karin Oen
"Between Official and Avant-Guarde: Positioning the Academy in Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art. "  

Timea Pal
Political Science

"Sustainable Development in the Global Electronics Industry: The Impact of Social and Environmental Responsibility Practices in Central and Eastern Europe."  
Michael Rossi
"The Ishihara Test for Color Blindness: Race, Empire and Technology Transfer in Early Twentieth Century Japanese and American Medicine."  
Nah Yoon Shin
Urban Studies & Planning
"Resolving Environmental Disputes at U.S. Military Bases Overseas."  
Caitlin Talmadge
Political Science
"Assessing Allies & Adversaries: The Determinants of Battlefield Effectiveness in North and South Vietnam, 1954-1975."  
Yanbo Wang
"Returnee Entrepreneurs and Firm Performance."  
Yuan Xiao
Urban Studies & Planning
"Defying Central Authority in China: the Case of Land Expropriation."  
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