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2010 CIS Summer Study Grant Awardees
Funded by the MIT-Japan International Studies Fund


Isabelle Anguelovski
Urban Studies and Planning
"Buiding Just and Livable Cities: Community Mobilization for Environmental Justice in Havana, Barcelona, and Boston"
Kathy Araujo
Urban Studies and Planning
"National Clean Energy Conversions -- System Adaptations in Renewable Energy"  
Madhu Dutta-Koehler
Urban Studies and Planning
"Planning for Climate Change: Comparative Lessons from an Urbanizing World"  
Kristin Fabbe
Political Science
"Religion, Legitimacy and State Formation in the Former Ottoman World"  
Keren Fraiman
Political Science
"Three to Tango: Coercion and Violent Non-State Actors"  
Alberto Fuentes
"Victims of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs? Frontline Heath and Education Workers in Ecuador and Guatemala"  
Brendan Green
Political Science
"Two Concepts of Liberty! American Grand Strategy and the Liberal Tradition"  
Peter Krause
Political Science
"The Political Effectiveness of Terrorism"  
Deepak Lamba-Nieves
Urban Studies & Planning
"Transnational State-Building and Community Development" A Closer Look at Dominican Hometown Associations"  
Joyce Lawrence
Political Science
"Assets and Liabilities: The Failure of International Cooperation to Combat Terrorist Financing"  
Tara Maller
Political Science
"Diplomacy Derailed: The Unintended Consequences of U.S. Diplomatic Disengagement on Sanctions and Foreign Policy"  
Jonas Nahm
Political Science
"State Coordination, Economic Restructuring, and the Rise of Global Firms in China's Renewable Energy Industry"  
Timea Pal
Political Science
"Employment and Environmental Practices in the Electronics Industry in Central and Eastern Europe"  
Miranda Priebe
Political Science
"Accommodating America's Rise: Examining the Impact of British Policies on America's Expansion, 1815-1861"  
Gustavo Setrini
Political Science
"From Patron-Client to Supplier-Client Relations: Clientelism and Development in Paraguay's Sugar Industry"  
Yumi Shimabukuro
Political Science
"Nickel and Diming Japanese Style: The Politics of Poverty in Affluent Democracies"  
Andrew Radin
Political Science
"Politics as War by Other Means: The Limits of State-Building Under Foreign-Administrations"
Rachel Wellhausen
Political Science
"When Governments Break Contracts: Explaining Government Behavior Toward Foreign Investors in Emerging Economies"  
Danielle Wood
Political Science
"Building Technological Capability in Developing Countries via Collaborative Satellite Projects"

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