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MIT/Harvard Gaza Symposium
March 30-31, 2009

Symposium Panel One & Two Videos

Please note: Each video is about an hour long. If you are having trouble viewing a video, let it load about a quarter of the way before playing. Enjoy!

Conference Impression

"Number 2 impression was the set of insights I gained, new perspectives, questions, and perhaps some loss of innocence and erroneous preconceptions. About one state, its viability, the obstacles facing it, the fact that very few support it, whether key players such as government officials, or grass roots populations such as the Palestinians and Israelis. Hearing from the president of ANERA (the group I went into Gaza with on my first venture there) about the details of the devastation was demoralizing. In fact, about Gaza, the situation is much worse than I expected. No lifting of the blockade and little challenge so far to the impunity of Israel." Read More

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