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International Migration Working Paper Series
The Rosemarie Rogers Working Paper Series
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International Migration Working Paper Series

Thomas U. Berger
The Johns Hopkins University

The Perils and Promise of Pluralism: Lessons from the German Case for Japan (35 pp)

Barry Chiswick
University of Illinois at Chicago

The Economic Consequences of Immigration: Application to the United States and Japan (30 pp)

Wayne R. Cornelius
University of California at San Diego

Appearances and Realities: Controlling Illegal Immigration in the United States (47pp)

Nathan Glazer
Harvard University

The Incorporation of Immigrants in the United States (23 pp)

Tadashi Hanami
Sophia University

Japanese Policies on the Rights and Benefits Granted to Foreign Workers, Residents, Refugees and Illegals (29 pp)

Yasushi Iguchi
Kansei Gakuin University

What We Can Learn from the German Experiences Concerning Foreign Labor (20 pp)

Takamichi Kajita
Hitotsubashi University

The Challenge of Incorporating Foreigners in Japan: "Ethnic Japanese" and "Sociological Japanese" (28 pp)

Kazutoshi Koshiro
Yokohama National University

Does Japan Need Immigrants? (23 pp)

Yasuo Kuwahara
Dokkyo University

Japan's Dilemma: Can International Migration be Controlled? (26 pp)

Peter H. Schuck
Yale University Law School

The Legal Rights of Citizens and Aliens in the United States (41 pp)

Isami Takeda
Dokkyo University

Japan's Responses to Refugees and Political Asylum-Seekers (19 pp)

Michael Teitelbaum
Albert P. Sloan Foundation

U.S. Responses to Refugees and Asylum-Seekers (19 pp)

Motoko Tsuchida
Sophia University

A History of Japanese Emigration from the 1860s to the 1990s (40 pp)

Reed Ueda
Tufts University

Historical Conditions in the United States for Assimilating Immigrants (28 pp)

Myron Weiner

Opposing Visions: Migration and Citizenship Policies in Japan and the United States (29 pp)

The Rosemarie Rogers Working Paper Series

The Inter-University Committee on International Migration has elected to name this working paper series in honor of Professor Rosemarie Rogers, in remembrance of her warm collegiality and friendship and her enduring contributions to the field of international migration. Professor Rogers was a founding member of the Inter-University Committee on International Migration and an active participant in the Committee's work from 1974 until her death in November 1997. Publication of The Rosemarie Rogers Working Paper Series is supported by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for the Mellon-MIT Program on Non-Governmental Organizations and Forced Migration.

1. Joel Boutroue

Missed Opportunities: The Role of the International Community in the Return of the Rwandan Refugees from Eastern Zaire (June 1998)

2. Myron Weiner

The Clash of Norms: Dilemmas in Refugee Policies (December 1998)

3. Anne-Christine Eriksson

Protecting Internally Displaced Persons in Kosovo (May 1999)

4. Karen Jacobsen
Regis College & The Fletcher School, Tufts University

A "Safety-First" Approach to Physical Protection in Refugee Camps (May 1999)

5. Sarah Kenyon Lischer

Militarized Refugee Populations: Humanitarian Challenges in the Former Yugoslavia (August 1999)

6. Rima Habasch
Boston University

The Evolving Relationship Between the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees and the Palestinian Authority (August 1999)

7. Oxana Shevel
Harvard University

International Influences in Transition Societies: The Effect of UNHCR and other IOs on Citizenship Policies in Ukraine (August 2000)
8. Rafael Bonoan
When Is International Protection No Longer Necessary? The "Ceased Circumstances" Provisions of the Cessation Clauses: Principles and UNHCR Practice, 1973-1999 (June 2001)
9. Timothy Snyder

"To Resolve the Ukrainian Question Once and For All": The Ethnic Cleansing of Ukrainians in Poland, 1943-1947 (November 2001)
10. Sarah Kenyon Lischer

Refugee-Related Political Violence: When? Where? How Much? (December 2001)
11. Christian F. Mahr
Visiting Fellow at MIT
North Korea: Scenarios From The Perspective Of Refugee Displacement (February 2002)
12. Kelly Greenhill
Engineered Migration as a Coercive Instrument: The 1994 Cuban Balseros Crisis (February 2002)
13. Heather S. Gregg

Divided They Conquer: The Success of Armenian Ethnic Lobbies in the United States (August 2002)
14. Shahid Punjani

How Ethno-Religious Identity Influences the Living Conditions of Hazara and Pashtun Refugees in Peshawar, Pakistan (August 2002)
15. Lorena Barberia

Remittances To Cuba: An Evaluation of Cuban and US Government Policy Measures (September 2002)

16. Susan Eckstein
Boston University

Diasporas and Dollars: Transnational Ties and the Transformation of Cuba (February 2003)
17. Cari Clark

Gender-Based Violence Research Initiatives In Refugee, Internally Displaced, and Post-Conflict Settings: Lessons Learned (April 2003)

18. Brett M. Ballard

Refugee Reintegration in Rural Areas: Land Distribution in Ban Pha Thao, Lao PDR (March 2003)
19. Karen Jacobsen
Fletcher School, Tufts University

Loren Landau
University of the Witwatersrand,

The Dual Imperative in Refugee Research: Some Methodological and Ethical Considerations in Social Science Research on Forced Migration (July 2003)
20. Jennifer Mack

Ice Skating and Island Hopping: Refugees, Integration, and Access in a Segregated City (July 2003)
21. Theresa Stichick Betancourt

Stressors, Supports, and the Social Ecology of Displacement: Psychosocial Dimensions of an Emergency Education Program for Chechen Adolescents Displaced in Ingushetia, Russia (July 2003)
22. Theresa Stichick Betancourt

Connectedness, Social Support and Mental Health in Adolescents
Displaced by the War in Chechnya
(February 2004)
23. Peggy Levitt
Wellesley College and Harvard
Sarah Wagner
Refugee Rights and Wrongs: Global Cultural Diffusion among the Congolese in South Africa (September 2003)
24. Stacy Heen
Fletcher School, Tufts University
The Role of Microcredit in Conflict and Displacement Mitigation: A Case Study in Cameroon (January 2004)
25. Charles Cohen and Eric Werker
Towards an Understanding of the Root Causes of Forced Migration: The Politcal Economy of "Natural" Disasters (April 2004)
27. Sarah Kamal
Disconnected from Discourse: Women’s Radio Listening in Rural Samangan, Afghanistan (June 2004)
28. Nazli Kibria
Returning International Labor Migrants From Bangladesh: The Experience and Effects of Deportation (July 2004)
29. Neeti Nair
We Left our Keys with our Neighbours: Memory and the Search for Meaning in post-Partitioned India (November, 2004)
30. Rogaia Mustafa Abusharaf
Life in Khartoum: Probing Forced Migration and Cultural Change Among War-Displaced Southern Sudanese Women (August 2004)
31. Daniel Esser
London School of Economics and Political Science
Determinants of IDP voice: Four Cases from Sierra Leone and Afghanistan (August 2005)
32. Stephen Offutt
Boston University
Culture Production and Social Networks: Case Studies of Local Churches in Former Refugee and Displaced Persons Communities in Nicaragua and El Salvador
(September 2005)
33. Chandan Nandy
Brandeis University
Illegal Immigration From Bangladesh To India: The Emerging Conflicts (November 2005)
34. Peter Bauman, Gazala Paul and Mengistu Ayalew
Comparative Analysis of the Impact of Tsunami and Tsunami Interventions on Conflicts in Sri Lanka and Aceh/Indonesia (June 2006)
35. Olajide Olagunju
Brandeis University
Management of internal displacement in Nigeria (October 2006)

Mellon Reports

The Mellon Reports series, and the studies upon which they are based, are supported by a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Marc Sommers
Boston University

Educating Children During Emergencies: A View From the Field (August 1999)

Nan Buzard
The Sphere Project

Information-Sharing and Coordination Among NGOs Working in the Refugee Camps of Ngara and Kibondo, Tanzania, 1994-1998 (March 2000)

Eric Eversmann
The Children's Aid Society

Education Kits in Somalia (August 2000)

Winifred Fitzgerald & Laura Roper
Harvard Institute for Population and Development and Oxfam America

Designing Processes that Promote Reconciliation: The Results of an NGO/Academic Collaboration Researching the Role of an International NGO Funding for Reconciliation in Rwanda (August 2000)

Susan Eckstein & Lorena Barberia
Boston University and David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, Harvard University
Cuban-American Cuba Visits: Public Policy, Private Practices (January 2001)
Sarah Titus
CORD Internship Field Report, Summer 2004 (March 2005)
Dr. Edith Roset-Bahmanyar Internship at the Center for Disease Control
Smita Srinivas
From Theory to Reality and Back again: Economic Capabilities and the Special case of Migrant: To be submitted shortly
Martin Masumbuko Muhindi & Kiganzi Nyakato Integration of the Sudanese “Lost Boys” In Boston, Massachusetts USA, 2002
Sara Feldman
Tufts University
Alchemy Report on World Relief’s Income Generation Programs, Maratane Refugee Camp, Nampula, Mozambique (June-August 2005)
Shelby E. Carpenter Remembering the Homeland: Sierra Leone Refugees in Urban Gambia

Other Papers

Rosemarie Rogers
The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

Migration Return Policies and Countries of Origin

Myron Weiner

Bad Neighbors, Bad Neighborhoods: An Inquiry into Conditions for Refugee Flows, 1969-1992 (46 pp)

Myron Weiner

Ethics, National Sovereignty and the Control of Immigration (38 pp)

Barry Posen

Can Military Intervention Limit Refugee Flows? (MacArthur Foundation paper) (54 pp)


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