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Frequently Asked Questions

Why isnít CityDays part of Orientation anymore?
With changes to Orientation taking effect in 2012, CityDays is no longer continuing as a dedicated daylong event during Orientation. In lieu of this, the MIT Public Service Center (PSC) has planned the CityDays Serve-Off for Tuesday, October 9, 2012. The PSC is also planning its second annual IAP Community Service Day and additional one-day service opportunities for the spring semester.

CityDays Serve-Off competition details

What does the “Serve-Off” part of CityDays Serve-off mean?
This year, CityDays is also a competition!  Groups compete within four categories: Fraternities, Sororities and Living Groups; Residence Halls; Athletic Teams; and Other Groups, to get the most people to sign-up and participate.   

How does my group win?
Make sure all the members of your group register and specify that they are a part of your group. Remember: Just signing up isn’t enough!  You’ll also have to make sure everyone who registers actually attends. The group in each category with the highest participation will win!

What’s the prize?
The group that wins within each category will receive a one $400 prize to be used as a grant for future public service activities for the group or to be donated to a charitable organization of the group’s choosing. If you choose the service grant, your group will work with the PSC to develop a service project during the upcoming academic year and the grant can help facilitate costs (transportation, food, materials, publicity) associated with that project.

Do I register individually or as a group?
Each person who wants to participate in the CityDays Serve-Off needs to individually register. When you register, you specify which group you are affiliating with for the Serve-Off.

What if I’m a member of more than one group? With which group should I register?
You can only choose to affiliate with one group for the CityDays Serve-Off, choose whichever group you’d like to affiliate with for this event.

What if I’m not a member of any groups?
We’ve created a special group, just for you!  You can join the Independents in the "Other Groups" category for students who aren’t joining an established group, but are banding together to win!

May I register and affiliate with my residence hall floor?
While we highly encourage you to rally the members of your residence hall floor to participate in the CityDays Serve-Off, we are asking participants to register for a residence hall-wide team rather than by floor.

Day-of logistics

I'm not familiar with Boston geography. How will I find my way around?
You will be part of a group of between 10 and 100+ people, with an experienced leader. Group leaders will be trained appropriately, and will receive directions to the service agencies.

What should I wear to the CityDays Serve-Off?
Come prepared for all sorts of public service opportunities, including things like painting, cleaning, and yard work. Now would not be the time to wear your best outfit (besides, we give you a free t-shirt to wear!). Strappy, open-toed shoes and sandals are also best avoided.  We will let you know if there are specific clothing guidelines associated with your project.

What do I need to bring to the CityDays Serve-Off?
Yourself. CityDays costs you nothing, and we will provide everything that you may need, such as food and transportation. You even get a free t-shirt!

Can you guarantee that I will be volunteering will all of my registered group members?
For service assignments, we will first consider the available times that participants have indicated to see how they match up with our available service placements. Secondly, we will do our best to ensure that groups are kept together, or that individuals are placed with several of their group-mates. We'll also take into consideration the issue area preferences of the registrants. We'll do our best to keep a group together, but cannot guarantee it.

I didn't register, but I want to participate. May I do so?
We will have a day-of waitlist. Unregistered individuals may show up to W20-Mezz Lounge on Oct. 9 and get on the waitlist. We'll pull from that waitlist if registered participants do not show up for their service placements, but we can't guarantee that there will be openings.