Content Analysis

Chappell Lawson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
• Maxwell McCombs (University of Texas at Austin)
• Maria Flores (University of Texas at Austin, St. Edward's University)

Candidate Speeches
Content Analysis Form for Candidate Speeches (Codebook)
-Download Dataset in Excel format-
(Data on content analysis of the summaries of candidate speeches compiled by the civic organization Lupa Ciudadana, which followed all three major-party candidates throughout the campaign.)

TV Ads
Preliminary Summary Data on Ads
Content Analysis Form for Campaign Commercials (Codebook)
Inter-coder reliability for Ads (English or Español)

-Download Dataset in Excel or SPSS format-

TV News
Content Analysis Form for Television News (Codebook)
-Download Dataset in SPSS format







National Science Foundation (NSF)/Fundación Nacional de Ciencias de los Estados

Reforma Newspaper/Periódico Reforma

Citing the Data/Cómo citar los datos


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