Papers and Publications using the Mexico 2006 Panel Study

Artículos y documentos que utilizan el Estudio Panel México 2006


Socioeconomic Levels and Happiness: the Mexico 2000 and 2006 Panel Studies, and the Pew 2007 Study
Laura Randall

Discrimination by Color or Class in Mexico?
Laura Randall

“Defendamos lo que hemos logrado”: Economic Voting in the 2006 Mexican Presidential Election
Matthew M. Singer

Disentangling Recency and Primacy Response-Order Effects in Orally Administered Surveys: Results from a Field Experiment
Francisco Flores-Macias and Chappell Lawson
Paper prepared for the 2007 Annual Meeting of the World Association of Public Opinion Research (Berlin, Germany)

Effects of Interviewer Gender on Survey Responses: Findings from a Household Survey in Mexico
Francisco Flores-Macias and Chappell Lawson, International Journal of Public Opinion Research, Volume 20, No. 1.

Lawson, Chappell. (2007). How Did We Get Here? Mexican Democracy after the
2006 Elections.
PS: Political Science and Politics. Volume 40, pp. 45-48.

Why is Voting Behavior so Regionalized in Mexico? Political Discussion and Electoral Choice in 2006
Andy Baker

Preliminary findings from content analysis of television spots in Mexico's 2006 presidential campaign
Rachel Gisselquist, Chappell Lawson

Preliminary findings from the Mexico 2006 Panel Study - Memo #1: Blue states and yellow states
Chappell Lawson

Democracy Redux: Mexico's Voters and the 2006 Presidential Race
Roderic Ai Camp

 Social and Regional Factors in the 2006 Presidential Election: Some County-Level Aggregate Data Findings
Joseph L. Klesner

Agenda-setting Effects on Vote Choice
Maria Flores

Flores-Macias, Francisco & Lawson, Chappell. (2006). Mexican Democracy and its Discontents. Review of Policy Research. Volume 23, Number 2, pp. 287-294.



Harvard Conference

Participants at the Harvard conference on the Mexican 2006 elections, most of whom participated in the Mexico 2006 Panel Study. From left to right: Wayne Cornelius, Francisco Flores-Macías, David Leal, Joy Langston (second row), Kathleen Bruhn (first row), Alejandro Poiré, Roderic Camp, Chappell Lawson (Principal Investigator for the Mexico 2006 Panel Study), Jorge Domínguez, Alejandro Moreno, Andy Baker, Beatriz Magaloni, Kenneth Greene, Joseph Klesner, David Shirk, and James McCann.



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