Citing the Data/Cómo citar los datos


Please use the full citation and abbreviated citation when referencing data from the Mexico 2006 Panel Study.


Full Citation

Senior Project Personnel for the Mexico 2006 Panel Study include (in alphabetical order): Andy Baker, Kathleen Bruhn, Roderic Camp, Wayne Cornelius, Jorge Domínguez, Kenneth Greene, Joseph Klesner, Chappell Lawson (Principal Investigator), Beatriz Magaloni, James McCann, Alejandro Moreno, Alejandro Poiré, and David Shirk. Funding for the study was provided by the National Science Foundation (SES-0517971) and Reforma newspaper; fieldwork was conducted by Reforma newspaper’s Polling and Research Team, under the direction of Alejandro Moreno.


Abbreviated Citation

Lawson, Chappell, et. al. 2007. The Mexico 2006 Panel Study. Wave X.






National Science Foundation (NSF)/Fundación Nacional de Ciencias de los Estados

Reforma Newspaper/Periódico Reforma

Citing the Data/Cómo citar los datos


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