The Picower Center for Learning and Memory features talks by distinguished neuroscientists on occasion and throughout the year. During academic years 2001/2002 & 2002/2003, our speakers have included:

Sydney Brenner
Salk Institute
2002 Laureate of the Nobel Prize

March 2, 2003
"Genes and Brains"

Rainer Friedrich
Max Planck Institute for Medical Research

February 4, 2003
"Processing of conflicting odor information by dynamic circuits in the zebrafish olfactory bulb"

Richard Morris
University of Edinburgh

September 13, 2002
"What does the Hippocampus do and how does it
do it?"

Mark Bear
Brown University

August 1, 2002
"Molecular Mechanisms for Experience-Dependant Receptive Field Plasticity in Visual Cortex"

Rob Malenka
Stanford University

June 19, 2002
"Synaptic Plasticity: New Mechanisms and Functions"

Yadin Dudai
Weitzmann Institute

December 13, 2001
"Molecular Mechanisms of Memory Extinction"

Fritjof Helmchen
Max Planck Institute

November 1, 2001
"Perspectives on In Vivo Fluorescence Using Two-Photon Microscopy"