The Picower Center for Learnig and Memory faculty, staff and students have access to some of the best research facilities and intellectual resources in the world. Research at MIT is world-renowned for its collaborative, interdisciplinary nature and its creative, cutting-edge approach to problem solving. The Institute proves an exceptional environment for research and available resources include specialized local research facilities, complete animal care and husbandry, extensive computing and library resources, a central machine shop, and excellent administrative services. MIT has a long-standing tradition of interdepartmental collaboration as well as collaborations with outside universities and hospitals. Opportunities for sharing resources and facilities abound.

The Center is presently located in newly renovated laboratory and office space on the east campus of MIT. MIT is committed to build a state-of-the-art neuroscience research building by 2005 as the home for the entire faculty, postdocs, students and staff of the Picower Center.

The Center has an outstanding array of research facilities. These include a state-of-the-art transgenic and knockout mouse production facility, a rodent behavioral study facility, confocal and two photon laser microscope imaging facilities and the facilitation of various types of electrophysiology. In addition, the Center's headquarters provides comprehensive, centralized services in all areas of research administration.