About Club Chem

We are the MIT Undergraduate Chemistry Association. Our goal is to foster interaction among undergraduates, between undergraduates and faculty, and between undergraduates and the greater Boston community.

We hold Donut Mondays open to everyone. Grab a donut and some coffee on the way to class! We arrange professor dinners. Come and get to know what your professors are like away from the chalkboards! We hold Chemistry Magic Shows for local elementary/middle schools. Become a magician and help kids get inspired to take an interest in chemistry!

Exec Board

Prof. Bradley L. Pentelute
Faculty Advisor

Website: Pentelute Lab @ MIT

Kayvon Pedram '15

Kayvon is interested in bio-organic chemistry, and plans on going to graduate school. When not in lab, he enjoys reading, biking, and woodworking.

Daniel Zhang '15

Daniel Mokhtari '14

Daniel is a senior majoring in chemistry and minoring in music. He is currently a member of the Cummins group, working on the synthesis and applications of novel hexacarboxamide cryptands. Daniel is from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and in his free time, enjoys playing the viola and motorcycle riding.

Alice Choi '14
Faculty Dinner Coordinator

Tachmajal M Corrales Sanchez '15
Community Outreach Coordinator & Webmaster

Ta is an inorganic chemistry enthusiast from Costa Rica. She is double majoring in Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering. She enjoys colorful compounds, tropical weather and salsa dancing.

Khetpakorn "Job" Chakarawet '15
Community Outreach Coordinator

Job is pursuing a double degree in Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering. He is particularly interested in inorganic chemistry, and is doing research in inorganic synthesis. In his rare free time, he likes cooking and eating Thai food, as it gives out the aroma of Thailand where he comes from.

Ethan Klein '15
Campus Relations Chair

Ethan Klein is a Junior pursuing a degree in Chemistry & Physics. He works as an undergraduate researcher in the R. W. Field Group and has not yet suffered a fatal injury in lab.

Suan Tuang '14

Andreea Bobu '17
Freshman Representative

Andreea is interested in organic chemistry and biochemistry, and wants to combine these with her passion for computer programming. She wants to be a researcher in computational chemistry and is pursuing a double degree in chemistry and computer science. In her free time, she enjoys reading, playing the guitar, and listening to music.

James Deng '17
Freshman Representative

James is particularly interested in organic chemistry but enjoys all fields of the central science. He likes to cook Chinese food, eat chocolate or avocados, and look at maps.

Tomohiro Soejima '17
Freshman Representative

Tomo is an international student from Japan. He enjoys all of the things related to chemistry and is studying toward chemistry and physics double major. His current interest includes properties of Metal Organic Frameworks(MOF)

Runpeng Liu '17
Freshman Representative

ClubChem is sponsored by the James K. Littwith (‘42) Fund, the MIT UA, and the MIT Chemistry department.