About ClubChem

We are the MIT Undergraduate Chemistry Association. Our goal is to foster interaction among undergraduates, between undergraduates and faculty, and between undergraduates and the greater Boston community.

We hold Donut Mondays and Ice Cream Wednesdays open to everyone. Grab a donut and some coffee on the way to class, or hang out with us in the afternoon for some great ice cream! We arrange professor dinners. Come and get to know what your professors are like away from the chalkboards! We hold Chemistry Magic Shows for local elementary/middle schools. Become a magician and help kids get inspired to take an interest in chemistry!

Exec Board

Prof. Bradley L. Pentelute
Faculty Advisor

Website: Pentelute Lab @ MIT

Tomohiro Soejima '17

Tomo is a senior from Japan, determined to enjoy his last year in college immersed in chemistry, physics and some bit of acting and singing. He has been involved in ClubChem since his very first month at MIT, and is thrilled to take on the job of co-president. Though he has a secret plan to become an actor, he feels grad school application season is taking hold of him instead.

James Deng '17

A senior in the chemistry major, James is interested in synthetic chemistry and chemical biology and currently works at the Schreiber lab in the Broad Institute.

Christopher Hillenbrand '19
Community Outreach Director

Chris is a chemistry major from central New Jersey. Among the subfields of chemistry, he currently likes physical and inorganic chemistry the most. Chris also likes typography and playing the Irish tin whistle.

Songela Chen '19
Community Outreach Director

Songela is a chemistry major from Pittsburgh especially interested in computational and biological chemistry. She enjoys playing piano and running in her free time.

Tabrez Alam '19
Community Outreach Director

Tabrez is a chemistry major, born and raised in the gritty streets of the Bronx. Mostly interested in biochemistry and pharmacology, he aspires to go to medical school and is currently a researcher in the Group of Prof. Robert Griffin. His project involves growing, extracting and analyzing the structures of amyloid fibrils using advanced Solid-State NMR techniques. Apart from academic work, he loves reading about world history/politics, watching a lot of anime and playing the balalaika and dulcimer.

David Wang '19
Faculty Dinner Coordinator

David is a chemistry enthusiast from California. His interests span all fields of chemistry, from bioinorganic to materials. In his free time, David enjoys singing in the shower, running along the Charles River, and carefully experimenting with household chemicals.

David Vaccaro '18

David is a born and raised Massachusetts resident, hoping to pursue a degree in chemistry and possibly also a double major in mathematics. While still keeping an open mind about his future, he currently has plans to attempt to enter into medical school after his undergraduate studies. In his free time, he enjoys reading and obsessing over novels and comic books, listening to his favorite jams, and drinking copious amounts of chocolate milk.

Samuel Gordon '18
Publicity Chair

Samuel is a Massachusetts native majoring in chemistry, with a deep interest in biochemistry. He is currently working in the Schlau-Cohen lab developing model membrane systems to study membrane proteins. Apart from chemistry, Samuel enjoys classic science-fiction and riding his motorcycle into the sunset.

Aofei Liu '17

Aofei has finally succumbed to the dark side and is now a senior double majoring in Chemistry and Computer Science. While coding and machine learning and the like are interesting to her, she's still probably going to end up in graduate school doing something related to organic methodology. While she's not UROPing in Jamison lab, freaking out over grad school applications or finishing up her course 6 requirements, she's probably doing things for MIT ESP, hanging out on C4 with her floormates watching bad movies, or lurking somewhere in Random hall only to accidentally end up in their REX video.

Steven Truong '20
Freshman Community Outreach Representative

(Fun fact: Steven has never shaved before.) Steven hails from the cold state of Minnesota. Back in the olden days, he'd love going to magic shows, and occasionally, there'd be ones that deal with chemicals and fire—lots and lots of fire. One of his goals at MIT is to become a wizard or alchemist, so working with community outreach and the magic shows would most definitely fulfill that. Although the little, beautiful intricacies of life primarily amaze him, for some odd reason, grinding through a retrosynthetic analysis in organic chemistry makes him smile. Accordingly, he'd like to explore the world of chemistry. To do so, he is currently doing research on Glucose-responsive Insulin conjugates at the Koch Institute in the Anderson/Langer Labs and taking chemistry classes. His other interests include (but are not limited to) talking with friends in the middle-of-the-night, weightlifting, Judo, and some other cool stuff.

Jesse Hinricher G
Graduate Student Representative (Faculty Dinner Coordinator-in-Training)

Jesse Hinricher is pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering. He has worked in the solar industry researching materials science problems. He was raised on a farm in Minnesota and enjoys cycling and hiking.

Kenny Chen G
Graduate Student Representative

Kenny is a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry (Biological Division). He is very interested in research on the interface between chemistry and biology. He received his B.S. in Chemistry from UCLA, and spent a year conducting breast cancer research at the National Institutes of Health before joining MIT in 2015.

Lane Gunderman '17
Exec Member-at-Large

Lane is from Chicago and is a current Junior in the physics department. Although no longer a chemistry major, he performs summer research for the Willard group and has done research in computational/physical chemistry for the past 4 years. Aside from chemistry, physics, and, of course, math, Lane enjoys playing games, pedagogical theory and practice, and helping people.

ClubChem is sponsored by the James K. Littwith (‘42) Fund, the MIT UA, and the MIT Chemistry department.