About ClubChem

We are the MIT Undergraduate Chemistry Association. Our goal is to foster interaction among undergraduates, between undergraduates and faculty, and between undergraduates and the greater Boston community.

We hold Donut Mondays and Ice Cream Wednesdays open to everyone. Grab a donut and some coffee on the way to class, or hang out with us in the afternoon for some great ice cream! We arrange professor dinners. Come and get to know what your professors are like away from the chalkboards! We hold Chemistry Magic Shows for local elementary/middle schools. Become a magician and help kids get inspired to take an interest in chemistry!

Exec Board

Hello World

Prof. Bradley L. Pentelute

Faculty Advisor

Songela Chen | 2019


Christopher Hillenbrand | 2019

Community Outreach Director

Steven Truong | 2020

Community Outreach Director

David Vaccaro | 2018


Minwoo Bae | 2018


Tabrez Alam | 2019

Undergraduate Liaison

Samuel Gordon | 2018

Publicity Chair

Angela Cai | 2019


Katherine Chew | 2019

Mentorship Chair

Aron Perez-Lopez | 2020

Faculty Dinner Chair

Junyu Yang | 2020


Hikari Iwasaki | 2020

Member At Large

Sherry Zhou | 2020

Member at Large

Siam Muquit | 2021

Freshman Representative

ClubChem is sponsored by the James K. Littwith (‘42) Fund, the MIT UA, and the MIT Chemistry department.