About ClubChem

We are the MIT Undergraduate Chemistry Association. Our goal is to foster interaction among undergraduates, between undergraduates and faculty, and between undergraduates and the greater Boston community.

We hold Donut Mondays open to everyone. Grab a donut and some coffee on the way to class! We arrange professor dinners. Come and get to know what your professors are like away from the chalkboards! We hold Chemistry Magic Shows for local elementary/middle schools. Become a magician and help kids get inspired to take an interest in chemistry!

Exec Board

Prof. Bradley L. Pentelute
Faculty Advisor

Website: Pentelute Lab @ MIT

Diptarka Hait '16

Dip is a Chemistry and Physics double major from India, who is very much interested in Theoretical Chemistry. He is currently working on analyzing the Dynamics of Electron Transfer in the Group of Professor Troy Van Voorhis, and hopes to go to graduate school next year. He is also deeply interested in Byzantine history, and can often be found with his nose buried in the works of some obscure historian from that era.

Tanyaporn Pattarabanjird '16

James Deng '17
Community Outreach Director

James is a chemistry major from Connecticut. Aligning with his interests in bioorganic chemistry and natural products, he is currently working on synthetic organic chemistry with Prof. Rick Danheiser. He has a lot of interests apart from chemistry.

David Vaccaro '18
Community Outreach Director

David is a born and raised Massachusetts resident, hoping to pursue a degree in chemistry and possibly also a double major in mathematics. While still keeping an open mind about his future, he currently has plans to attempt to enter into medical school after his undergraduate studies. In his free time, he enjoys reading and obsessing over novels and comic books, listening to his favorite jams, and drinking copious amounts of chocolate milk.

Lily Chen '16
Publicity Chair

Lily Chen is a chemistry major from New York City. She does undergraduate research in the lab of Prof. Timothy Swager, and plans to earn a PhD in chemistry after she graduates. Aside from chemistry, she enjoys choral singing, board games, and cooking.

Natalie Burgos '16
Publicity Chair

Natalie is a Midwestern girl who ditched the cornfields for the east coast to study chemistry. She is a homebody who enjoys watching rom-coms and chilling/cooking/baking with her housemates, but she occasionally ventures out to drum and dance with Rambax, MIT's Senegalese drum ensemble.

Aofei Liu '17

Aofei is a junior in Course V from Singapore. She is mostly interested in organic chemistry and is currently a UROP in Hammond lab working on the functionalisation of PPLG polymers for applications in the formation of hydrogels. She is also a compulsive fangirl and can often be found obsessing over Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Fire Emblem and her many other fandoms.

Tomohiro Soejima '17
Faculty Dinner Coordinator

Tomo hailed from Japan to pursue his undergraduate career in Chemistry and Physics. He has been obsessed with molecular sponges, Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) and works for Prof. Mircea Dinca to study electronic properties of MOFs. Outside of academics, he enjoys singing and acting, and is an active member of MIT Gilber & Sullivan Players, and Dramashop.

ClubChem is sponsored by the James K. Littwith (‘42) Fund, the MIT UA, and the MIT Chemistry department.