Athlete Safety

The following resources are available to clubs to help ensure athlete health and safety.

Monday Morning Clinics
MIT Sports Medicine and MIT Medical cooperate to offer a Monday morning clinic for evaluation of sports injuries sustained by MIT students. For details on how to make an appointment, visit the Kasser Sports Medicine Center website.
First Aid Kits
The Club Sports Council also provides first aid kits to all clubs. We encourage clubs to ensure that first aid is available at all practices and games. Please contact the CSC if your club requires additional supplies. If you just need ice, the staff at the duPont desk should be able to help you.
Emergency Cards
For urgent injuries, we suggest that athletes keep an Emergency Card on hand. These cards also have numbers to call in case of an automobile accident and other important contact information, so clubs should bring them whenever they travel.
Emergency Medical Technicians
Clubs may also arrange to have EMTs on hand for games via MIT EMS. This is required for some clubs, and the CSC can help pay for it. (The expenses are categorized under Referees/Officials.)
First Aid / CPR / AED classes
The Club Sports Council periodically arranges subsidized First Aid / CPR classes for clubs. We will announce these opportunities to club leaders when they become available.

For additional injury treatment options, please consult with MIT Medical or your health care provider. Note that neither MIT nor the club sports program, club athletes, or officers are responsible for injuries sustained as a result of participation in club sports; all participants are required to sign a waiver.