Full-Time Instructors

This page describes the process for getting ID cards and athletics access for full-time instructors. For information on instructor payment, see Instructor Honoraria.

Under normal circumstances, the Club Sports Council will issue up to two full-time instructor cards for each club sport. Under certain circumstances, the Club Sports Council can recognize a third full-time instructor if it sees this necessary and issue an instructor card for him/her.

Process for Renewing a Full-Time Instructor Pass

If the instructor is an MIT affiliate and their MIT ID card has not expired according to the date on the card, the Club Sports Council will ask DAPER to renew their access every year. If the instructor gets an ID card through club sports and the expiration date printed on the card has passed or will soon pass, the Club should submit an ID CARD APPLICATION to the Club Sports Council, clearly indicating that it is a renewal.

Process for Issuing a Full-Time Instructor Pass

1. The Club submits a FULL-TIME INSTRUCTOR APPLICATION to the Club Sports Council. If the instructor is already an MIT affiliate (who therefore already has an MIT ID card), the Club should write the instructor's MIT affiliation and card number clearly on the form. Otherwise, the Club submits an ID CARD APPLICATION with the instructor application. The Club should also have the instructor submit a contract as described under Honoraria, even if the instructor is not being paid.

2. The Club Sports Council approves/denies a pass for the instructor and contacts the club leadership with the decision.

3. If approved, and the instructor does not already have an MIT ID card, he or she is asked to go to the MIT Card Office in the basement of the Student Center to pick up his/her MIT ID. The instructor must have a picture ID with him/her.

4. The instructor is then asked to go to the Z-Center main desk to have his/her ID activated.

Clubs should find and submit instructor information as soon as possible to ensure that the instructor receives their card in a timely manner, as the card process can take 10-14 days.

How to Submit Forms

The forms can be e-mailed to csc-officers or dropped off in the CSC mailbox in Bernice Ward's office on the second floor of the Z-Center. E-mail is faster. Please e-mail to confirm if you leave forms in our mailbox. The CSC will contact the club leadership and the instructor when a decision is made about the request.

What to do if There are Glitches

Occasionally, instructors who have been approved have trouble getting in because they didn't realize their ID cards were about to expire, they couldn't make it to the card office during business hours to get a new card, or there were delays in processing their applications.

In these cases, the instructor should go to the main desk of the Z center (near the skating rink), identify him or herself as a coach, and present a picture ID. In many cases, the desk worker will be able to find the instructor on the master access list and write a temporary pass. The club should also contact the Club Sports Council as soon as possible to make sure the problem gets resolved.

Special Instructions for Lincoln Labs Employees

Instructors and club members with Lincoln Lab IDs should request a sailing card from the Z-Center main desk because their IDs will not work in the MIT Athletic Center. All such individuals must either have purchased a Z-Center membership or they must be CSC approved instructors.