Instructor Honoraria

The Club Sports Council can allocate up to $2,000/year to be used for paying instructors for any club. This amount can be divided among as many instructors as the club sees necessary as long as no one instructor receives more than $1,000/year. Clubs can pay their instructors more than this amount using funds from their main account or from other non-CSC sources.

Under normal circumstances, the Club Sports Council will issue up to two full-time instructor cards for each club sport. (See Full-Time Instructors) Under certain circumstances, the Club Sports Council can recognize a third full-time instructor if it sees this necessary and issue an instructor card for him/her; however, no additional CSC-instructor funds will be given to the club. $2,000/year is the maximum a club can receive from the CSC for instructor payment.

In order to give instructors any honoraria, your instructors are required to complete the "MIT Student Group Contract." Clubs should not give instructors honoraria, either through their CSC or main accounts, without a contract due to MIT's tax reporting obligations. This form can be downloaded or picked up from the Student Activities Financial Office located on the fifth floor of the Student Center. If you have any questions regarding this contract, contact slp_contracts at

Clubs are encouraged to have instructors fill out a contract even if they are not being paid. This helps protect the club in case the terms of compensation or termination ever come into question.