National Championships

Funding for National Championships is not allocated with the rest of funds at the beginning of the academic year; however, some funding is set aside for this purpose each year.

The Club Sports Council will contact all clubs through email in the month of December of each year to get a better understanding of the clubs that will be competing in National Championships. The Club Sports Council will try to raise funds for these clubs to help them with their expenses.

The CSC thanks DAPER and the Student Activities Office for their continuous support with securing funds for our clubs that compete in Nationals.

Information Needed from Clubs Going to Nationals

1. Name of tournament/championship

2. Location of tournament/championship

3. Date(s) of tournament/championship

4. Number of participants

5. Total number of MIT students competing

6. Number of graduate/undergraduate students competing

7. Full budget including airfare, ground transportation, lodging, food, entry fees, equipment, equipment transportation, etc.

8. Total amount the club can provide from other sources, such as club main account, income from students, fund-raisers, etc.

9. Nature of the tournament, who the sanctioning body is and what is needed to qualify

10. After the tournament, clubs must submit a copy of the official registration showing MIT student participants and the tournament results.