New Clubs

Due to budget cuts and prospective caution, DAPER has asked us to temporarily refrain from adding new clubs. The purpose of this suspension is to ensure that we can continue to fulfill existing clubs' resource needs. We will post updates here when the situation changes.

The Club Sports Council Officers will review applications for the new club recognitions in the spring of each year. Prior to the official recognition process, groups should look at the application packet below and contact the Officers at csc-officers at to ensure the new group is a good match for the Club Sports program before the application process. The Club Sports Council Officers will consider the following criteria when evaluation applictions for new clubs:

1. Membership/Leadership - groups must be student formed and led and membership must be at least 50% student. Additionally, under current rules, all members must be MIT affiliated and must possess a valid MIT athletic card.

2. Instructional/Competitive Nature - all groups must be either primarily instructional or competitive to be a Club Sport. Instructional clubs must have a qualified instructor and the majority of time during club meetings must be used for instruction. Competitive clubs meet to train for competition in an approved league. Groups that meet primarily to play informally (such as pick-ups) or for social purposes are considered recreational groups and will not be recognized as Club Sports. Seeking recognition as an ASA group is generally recommended for groups of this nature.

3. Uniqueness - New groups must be distinct from existing Club Sports in order to be recognized. Groups representing a sport that already has an existing club are unlikely to be recognized.

4. Survivability - for a new group to be recognized, it will need to be a group that is likely to continue in existence over a long period of time. Factors involved in this include availability of coaching/instructors, availability of local competition for competitive clubs, overall student interest, etc.

The Club Sports Council will also consider the facilities and financial resources available to support the new club.

New Club Application