Part-Time Instructors

We recognize that clubs may wish to invite part-time instructors to teach special skills or techniques. The general guideline for a part-time instructor is that he or she should provide a unique skill and visit the club practices no more than once a week. The Club Sports Council can provide up to 3 part-time instructor passes per club per year as it deems necessary.

If a club wishes to bring in a part-time instructor at any time, the PART-TIME INSTRUCTOR form must be filled and submitted to the CSC for evaluation. The form should be emailed to csc-officers. Alternatively, the club can drop it off in the CSC mailbox in Bernice Ward's office on the second floor of the Z-Center, and email csc-officers to let us know it's there. The CSC will contact the club leadership when a decision is made about the request.

Guest Instructors

Guest instructors are instructors who visit only once to teach special skills or techniques. If a club wishes to have a guest instructor, its leadership should contact the Club Sports Council Officers at csc-officers at with their request. The request should include the instructor's full name and the purpose and date of the visit.