There are two main components to keeping a club strong and active: recruitment and retention. The clubs that are most successful spend a great deal of time working on both componenets throughout the year. Recruitment:
  • Use the people you already have to drag more people in.
  • Publicity: Social events, posters, demonstrations
  • ASA recruitment: First Year Summer Mailing, Athletics Midway
  • Athletics Gateway
  • Introductory classes
  • Instructors who can focus on bringing new students into the sport
  • Social events
  • A membership officer who keeps track of the membership and contacts those whose attendance has dropped
  • Interesting seminars/clinics
  • Team building exercises


The CSC gives each club an extra $50 every year for postering. The $50 is earmarked for this purpose to encourage clubs to use it. Since clubs are mostly comprised of students, and students have a tendency to graduate, we expect all clubs to make use of this money to recruit new members. However, to keep things reasonable, any advertising and recruiting costs in addition to the $50 should come out of the club's main account.

An easy way to produce flyers is to create a PDF and submit it electronically to CopyTech. CopyTech can bill student group accounts directly.

The Tech

Each club has a free one-page ad allocation in The Tech. Rather than opting for a single one-page ad, clubs may have The Tech publish 4 quarter-page ads or 8 1/8-page ads. See The Tech's advertising overview for details.