Digital cameras are availabe for clubs to check out from Larry Anderson's office. They may be signed out for a club practice (up to four hours) or over a weekend (Friday evening through Monday morning). Email landerso at for details. A club leader must sign for the cameras.


The CSC will sponsor posters for all club sports to be put up on the bulletin boards in the duPont gym hallway. The posters will be laminated and can not exceed 31"W x 23"H in size. All posters must be submitted to the CSC as ".pdf" files by emailing them to csc-officers *at* mit *dot* edu.

A Template created by the CSC can be downloaded (please "save as"...) to help club sports with poster design. Clubs are not obligated to use this template; however, the poster size must not exceed 31"W x 23"H (landscape). The CSC will not print any posters that do not meet this size requirement.

Clubs that already have posters up on the bulleting boards may keep their old posters up. They may receive a new poster from the CSC if they wish to use wherever they see fit.

Note that the CSC will NOT REIMBURSE any club for printing posters on their own. All poster files MUST be submitted to the CSC to be printed.


Briggs Field Map