Hosting Tournaments/Events

Eligibility: Club sports teams competing against other teams must be at least 50% students and all team members must be MIT affiliates.

Clubs must notify the CSC by emailing csc-officers at if they plan to host a special event or tournament at MIT. Please fill out the Tournaments Questionnaire and drop it off in the CSC mailbox located in Bernice Ward's office on the second floor of the Z-Center. The CSC will review the event and send information to the appropriate people for access to facilities, preparations, etc.

Some general notes for events include:

1. If a club plans to invite a special guest, that guest will be able to enter the facilities for free as long as the CSC has been notified of the guest's name.

2. If a club plans to charge for the event, then the club should pay some DAPER facility fees or require the non-MIT guests to buy a day pass.

3. If a club plans to invite another team for a scrimmage or invite members of another school for a joint practice during the club's normal practice times, the non-MIT participants may enter for free as long as the CSC has been notified of their names and the MIT club visits the other school and is allowed free access to their facilities.

4. If a club is hosting a tournament that involves non-MIT members and extends beyond the normal club practice hours, and the club is not charging the non-MIT teams a participation fee, the club is still expected to pay some DAPER facility fees.

For further cases, check out the CSC Events Policy.