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CMRAE's educational objectives are realized through the graduate and undergraduate courses the consortium offers at MIT and its affiliated institutions as well as through the laboratory facilities and technical expertise the Center provides at all levels of study. Our courses are open to students from all the consortium institutions.

CMRAE is committed to linking the education of students, whether graduate or undergraduate, to the research activities of our faculty. The Center is known for its intensive, two-semester long graduate seminar-laboratory subjects that examine the organic and inorganic materials common to archaeological artifacts and environmental remains. Faculty and staff bring an unparalleled breadth of technical expertise to these courses. At the undergraduate level we offer a one-semester subject that surveys the spectrum of archaeological science contributions to cultural interpretation.

Students who wish to take CMRAE graduate courses interview and seek permission to enroll from the CMRAE faculty representative at their home institution. Each consortium university has arrangements for accepting CMRAE credits, and students receive credit at their own institutions.