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Bryan Burns

Wellesley College
Department of Classical Studies
106 Central Street
Wellesley, MA 02481
(781) 283-2632

Assistant Professor of Classical Studies

My research focuses on Bronze Age Greece and the significance of Mediterranean exchange in the formation and development of Mycenaean states. I am also interested in questions of local identity and regional networks of interaction and am a co-director of a surface survey in Greece, the Eastern Boeotia Archaeological Project. At Wellesley I oversee a departmental collection of Mediterranean artifacts, and am eager to develop research projects that involve our material and students.

Selected Publications

(2009 forthcoming) Mycenaean Greece, Mediterranean Commerce, and the Formation of Identity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

2008 Sculpting Antinous Helios 35:121-142.

2007 Epic Reconstructions: Homeric Palaces and Mycenaean Architecture. In Epos: Reconsidering Greek Epic and Aegean Bronze Age Archaeology, R. Laffineur and S.P. Morris (Eds,). (Aegaeum 28):141-149. Liège: Université de Liège; Austin: University of Texas.

B.Burns and Y. Kourayos. 2004-2005 Exploration of the Archaic Sanctuary at Despotiko Mandra. Bulletin de Correspondence Hellénique 128-129:133-174.